Lights flickering

jockewingJanuary 13, 2010

A couple of months ago, I noticed the lights in my kitchen fixtures, the pantry, and back porch flicker. There is an incandescent chandelier in the b-fast nook, a fluorescent fixture in the kitchen and pantry, and regular outdoor incandescent on the porch and floodlights off the back of the porch. Sometimes they flicker intermittently the whole time they're on, sometimes they don't flicker at all.

I do notice that sometimes the fluorescent fixture will get much brighter than normal and the flickering stops. I am wondering if there is something wrong with the ballast in the fluorescent causing all the problems, but the flickering happens even when the fluorescent is turned off.

Any ideas on how to even start figuring out this problem. Would like to try to fix on my own first.

Also, my house is about 9 years old, and soon after I moved in, the plugs on the front and back porch and the light above the master bathtub quit working. Have never gotten this fixed as I really never use that light or those outlets. Kind of embarassing, I know. Any thoughts? Never had any other electrical problems to speak of.

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Regarding your receptacles not first guess would be to look for a GFCI receptacle, either inside or out, that has tripped. (I'm assuming you've already checked your breakers?)

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Do you have a plan of the electric wiring in the house? You might start by checking if all the lights that flicker are on the same circuit. Then it might be a bad contact.

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Flickering lights and lights that get brighter than normal.... Doesn't this scream "Loose Neutral"? A loose neutral can sometimes cause the voltage on certain circuits to rise above normal, while at the same time the voltage on other circuits will fall. That is not a good thing.

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