Defective lamp rewire kit?

andee_gwJanuary 30, 2012

I'm in the process of rewiring a lamp (which I have done before in the distant past). I'm now ready to attach the cord wire to the socket. It looks like there might be a screw missing? There is nothing else in the packaging. From the instructions, it looks like the brass and silver screws should be opposite. The only non-brass screw is 90 deg. from the brass. The pictures below are three 90 deg. rotations from the position of the brass screw.

I don't want to attach wires to the only two screws there and have the lamp go haywire when I plug it in! Thanks for your help.

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Ron Natalie

The brass screw should be connected to what feeds the center button in the socket. The silver screw should connect to the exposed metal.

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Thanks, I think that is what I observe on the socket. I was confused because the instructions show the screws 180 deg. from each other, and IRL they are 90 deg. And at the 180 deg. position it looks like a little dimple where a screw could possibly be inserted.

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Ron Natalie

I suspect that the "phantom" screw location may be because some or all of the components here are used in the manufacturer of a "3-way" socket.

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