How do I seal the inside of a boot?

phish_gwJuly 19, 2010

Hi all. I'd like to mosaic a boot and use it as a planter. I filled it with concrete, but water still seeps through the bottom. What should I use to seal it? It doesn't have to be pretty because it will be inside the boot, it just needs to retain water. Thanks.

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PHIS: Haven't answered this cuz I don't know. What kind of boot? A picture w/help. Don't quite understand - planter - filled w/concrete - hold water?

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Need more info . . . have you already completely filled the inside of the boot? Must not have, because there must still be a cavity inside where the plant will be. If not, I had a thought. Find a glass vase that will fit inside the boot. Fill the boot part way with concrete. Squish the glass vase down inside the boot while the concrete is still wet, and discard what oozes up to the top. Hope that makes sense.

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edges with concrete. But that is only like 1/2 inch all the way around, so there is still a large opening in the boot. It's a short boot, like ankle height. I like silvamae's idea of adding more fresh concrete and squishing a vase into that.

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