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tabteacherApril 4, 2012

Can someone tell me if there is a forum about entry doors on this site? If not, is there a forum I can post a questions in about doors? I am wanting to get ideas on a good brand of fiberglass door (that doesn't cost the moon) with sidelights & decorative glass.

And I am looking for doors that have Western Reflections glass in them. I saw glass patterns I like but the company tells me they don't make doors, just the glass. And the girl I talked to was very vague about which door companies.

Thanks for steering me to the right place. Thanks.

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This is the place for you to ask, you will find very helpful peonage here. As far as the brand your asking for that uses this brand of door light I am nit certain but I am sure someone will be able to help.

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I believe Masonite and Therma Tru uses some their glass or design.

What would be the cost of the moon?

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@ GulfBreezeWindows--good question. I don't know. I don't need the most expensive I'm sure. A good quality @ a good price. Or if people would tell me what they think are good quality doors, I could research the doors & decide if they are in my price range. We want it to be fiberglass & have the option for decorative glass in it.
We live in southern Indiana in case that makes a difference.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Therma Tru, Polaris, and Provia all make a nice door.

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Therma Tru (above the Smooth Star) and Provia. Price will be determined by style, model and if you want it factory painted/stained, which I do recommend.

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Thank you all for the names. I have seen one Polaris door. It was OK. We did not like the glass. I have seen 2 Therma-Tru doors and they both looked like plastic doors with a poor stain on them. Both places said the doors were old & the stain was better now. Why have them on display then? I have found one dealer for ProVia, but haven't been there yet.

What we are running into is that everyone is trying to sell the door from a catalog. Or from a drawing (not a photograph) on a website. How can you buy decorative glass without seeing it? Or even a door?

We are not going to pay $4000+ for something we haven't seen in person. What do we do? Any suggestions? Are we the only people who feel this way? Are we too picky?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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Provia has a computer software program that allows the dealer to design the door with you and you can see exactly what it will look like with the glass and hardware. Hopefully the Provia dealer you are in contact with has the software.

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There are so many options when it comes to doors that it's impossible to display everything. You want to see a door or two, yes. And examine the quality. But you will have to pick designs from a computer or catalog. I don't think there's any way around this. What you pick should be the same quality as what you have seen.
My vote is for Provia. They really are considered top of the line. It's what I would get for an entry door.

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Now that's a quality customer service dept. They couldn't tell you which door companies use their glass? As Mr. Trump would say "your fired"

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@ Jumpilotmdm--I kinda thought the same thing. Altho she did say she had "only been there 6 yrs" & it wasn't normally her field. She said someone who had been there 18 yrs would know the answer better, but never offered to put that person on the line.

@ Windowdog--I can understand only a couple samples of the door & then maybe small samples with the stain, but the glass from a catalog? I'm having a hard time with that. One local business is redoing the door section of their store & then said they would have most of the glass samples. But they keep extending the time frame of when they
will be in.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to answer. I really appreciate it.

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What about Pella fiberglass entry doors? We looked @ the Architect Series in a wood grain. Do they have the same problems as the windows? They aren't wood clad. Or do they have some other problem?
I ask because we found a glass pattern we like in the Pella doors.

I do know all of you think this is silly. And I understand that you all think buy the door based on how it is made & how it will hold up & how well it works. And I understand that, I really do. But I'm not buying it just to keep the air out, I'm buying it to make a statement & to improve the looks of my house.
The Therma-Tru doors in the Classic Craft Collection only have 4 actual decorative cut glass options in the mahogany & oak & we don't like any of the 4. The Fiber-Classic maybe have a few more. But we want a 3/4 or full view door & what we see is one design in the middle & then just one style basically of glass around it. In a small glass it looks OK, but not in the size we want.

So, thought on Pella doors?


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