Armored vs Plastic Sheathed Cable--Advice Sought

mark_gJanuary 4, 2010

We're prepping the spec for electric rough and up to this weekend, always figured we would use Romex or other plastic sheathed cable. But on one of the home improvement shows, a NJ house that had been gutted by an electric fire was being rewired with BX.

Are there any real advantages to using armored cable in new house construction? Or, to save expense, are there select areas (for example, in attic spaces that are accessible for storage) where it should be used?

Or are there other plastic-sheathed wire upgrades? I've never understoof 70º versus 90º wire and wonder if there's an upgrade to basic wiring that makes good sense?

We are already planning to spec nothing less than 12ga, but would appreciate the upgrades to the basic wiring that make the most sense.

Thanks for the feedback! --Mark

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Ron Natalie

"BX" is not being used anymore, though people often call any armored cable BX. The stuff you saw was probably type AC cable.

Unless you are some place that requires it or you're using metal studs, type NM is usually fine (you can even use NM with metal studs, but you need to use the appropriate fittings where it passes through which sometimes requires the use of a punch to get a hole where you need it).

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I've never understoof 70º versus 90º wire

70 and 90 degree wire is in Celsius where 100 degrees is boiling. It tells you how much heat the insulation on the wire can tolerate in an enclosed fixture like a flushmount ceiling light.

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