Klinger inspired Seashell light shade

mermaidmosaicsJuly 22, 2008

Ok, since I hijacked Cindy's thread, I am starting a new one. but Klinger can hijack mine if she wants to. Here she is. I sill want to add a pix of it later in evening. I used tacky glue with sand in between the shells after my disaster with liquid leading. Then I added more gold and crystal beads in between some of the shells I could not get the sand to stayput. MIght be hard to see. I also added some different shells because several of them were too sticky with the leading. what a mess.

Thanks SLow for telling me about the putty, but I still would love to try the Buceras way.

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beautiful, mermaid !!!

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Very cool!!

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It turned out so gorgeous, Waaaayyyy better than my 1/2 hearted attempt!

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Oh, so beautiful. Congratulations.

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Calamity, I thought your's was cool too, specially since you said you kinda threw it together. Wish my kinda's turned out half that good.. I liked the soupy grout idea.

Thanks all you mosaic goddesses, I'm glad you like it, I'm happy with it too, specially after I screwed it so royally with the leading mess. DH mentioned maybe we should do all of our light fixtures in the house, so I guess that means he likes it. LOL

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Oh wow....I love that! Beautiful job!

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I promised a pix of my seashell lamp at night all lit up. Here is goes.

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Ooooo, Ahhhhhh....that is sooo pretty!! Sounds like you got a lot of learning experience out of it, too, LOL! Good for you for sticking with it and getting it just right. I'm afraid I have a tendency to throw in the towel if something gets too hard and I get too frustrated!
A perfect chandelier for a mermaids castle!

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That is the coolest thing I've ever seen!!!
I'm wanting to buy shells and a fixture..I can do this
with no cutting and grinding! ..So pretty!!! Wow!! what else can I say?? just rocking!! Love it!!

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What CINDI said - perfect for the MER's castle. Really is pretty, MER. Congrats. Whatcha workin' now?

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Geesh! Mermaid castle!! LOL I love that name, been trying to come up with a name for my mosaic room, maybe I will just name it Mermaid Castle. Funny. I already renamed our pool area Mermaid Cove and plan to make up a couple signs.

Slow, I'm actually making over a clay pot to a yellow brick road for Sir Wiggle to sit on. Thought it was fitting for the Alice in Wonderland rabbit!! Oh my.. I just mixed up my fairy tales and only just figured it out as I am typing. ROFL

Well, it's my story, and I'm allowed to make it whatever I want.. Half way done, need to post a pix. and making up lots of clay word tiles for various upcoming projects.

Yes, I have been bitten by the mosaic everything that doesn't move bug!!!!

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You can make a sign to hang as your front door WELCOME, or over the door or on the wall of your work space, and call it????? WELCOME TO MER's .......

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Hi, I am interested in doing something along these lines & would like to know the basic process you used to make your shell lamp progect.

I am expecially interested in how you attached the shells to the frame with out impacting the look. Also what this you use for the frame work?


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oh my gosh CharO, it's been awhile since I finished , so hope I remember correctly. I believe I used alenes tacky glue to attach the shells, arranging them as I went around. I originally put liquid leading all around the shells trying for the stained glass look a few of us were trying, but that was a disaster, so I had to scrape that off and take off most of the shells. PITA. I started over just using glue, shells, adding pearls and throwing sand in between.

it was fairly simple, the lamp was a cheapo from Lowes i think cost less than $20 and very plain glass shade, and it worked perfect for this.

I did discover lately when I glue shells to my hurricane lamps that mastic works wonderfully on shells that are hollow so you can then glue them to a base. You can buy mastic at almost any home improvement store in the tile area. You might want to try that..

Looking forward to see what you do.

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Oh so pretty. You did good

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I wish I had a place wired for a sconce! I'd give this a try. It is beautiful.

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Trying to catch up on reading, and glad to see this thread again. BETTYC: I bought a large punched tin sconce in PV, and I'm going to have it wired so the cord hangs down to a plug - that is if I can find a spot in this crowded house to hang it. If the cord bothers you, you could always cover it w/those covers, paint it the same as your wall, or in my case, I might even make it appear as a hanging cord, and cover it w/some kind of funky decorations. I suppose there are all kinds of things we could use to make the cord blend in.

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