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madmatrixApril 3, 2010

Hi all,

We are getting some quotes from different companies in our area. Most of companies' windows come with vinyl frame. One company has compozit windows from THV. But the price for compozit is double price the second highest one for vinyl frame. We have 2 double hung and 9 slider (two are smaller. the other 7 are a larger). For compozit, the price is $15,000 total. The second high for vinyl is $6,664.

My question is: is there any big difference between compozit and vinyl. I know compozit is more solid than vinyl. But in St Louis, MO, does it matter? We have 7 windows towards west direction which could have more heat on the vinyl frames. If the vinyl windows can last around 15 years, we could just go with vinyl for half price.

Appreciated for your comments here.


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As long as you purchase a high quality vinyl window from a reputable manufacturer and get a top knotch installation, you should have no issues. Avoid the cheap vinyl windows as you will get what you pay for.

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Thanks skydawggy. Do you have any company in st louis area to be recommended. Thanks!

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Sorry, I'm on the East Coast. I'd get a couple of estimates and then post back here with questions. There are several Pro's who post on here that would be happy to help you.

Find out what the Brand and models are of the different windows. Also ask to see the written warranty and pay attention to what it excludes as well as what it includes. Ask what the OVERALL U-factors are and what the Solar Heat Gain is and if they were tested by NFRC. I'd also ask about the air infiltration and water penetration and Design Pressure ratings are and if they were tested by AAMA.

Good luck. Let us know how it's going.

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Just curious what you ended up getting. We are also in the same area looking for windows. Thanks!

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