drum roll please!

flagtruckJuly 21, 2008

Finally, the urn is pumping water, it is hard to see in the pictures, but it is there and flowing over the top and down the sides. I will get a bigger pump when I go to town and it might flow more. I am just so glad to get this puppy finished. I hated it when my ex-handy man broke it in the first place, but it must have wanted a face lift. Now it has one and it looks happy there.

Now onward and upward. Finished the cinderblocks this morning and almost thru with the purple pot. I am ready to start something new....got to go look around. But drats, no room to start anything new, got to grout to clear space for anything new...lol..story of my life...I hate to grout...Carol

Here is a link that might be useful: BIG URN FINISHED

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lookin good,is your urn all filled with water? you could fill it half full of concrete or something lighter in weight, and there would be less water and pump might work better. i put rocks in my little washtub water garden, and it seemed to flow much better, but i did have to clean it more often.i just ran water in it till it ran clean.
what purple pot?


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I'm so happy for this event. I know you've been working on this thing for ever-so-long. You are amazing. Wish I had your drive, talent, creativity, ingenuity, stick-to-i-ti-vi-ty. I LOVE this piece - it's one of the prettiest things in your gardens. When you get those scalloped borders in place, it w/the the focal, IMO, in your garden. Nah - not possibile w/so many other beauties. Congratulations, girlie. This is awesome!

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fantastic !!!

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Bonnie- the urn is not filled completely with water. I have a pvc pipe from the hole in the bottom up the middle and a plactic plant saucer is siliconed in the top of the urn, the pipe comes out a hole in the middle of the plastic saucer. Thus, I only have about 3-4" of water in the top of the urn, when that fills the water runs over the side and into a 50 gallon+ reservoir in the ground under it and a pump picks it up and recirculates it back up the pipe. The reservoir I have is a large black tub that I bought full of rocks, the rocks are around the pond and the tub in the ground. I lined the tub with vinyl pond liner to keep it from leaking. The top of the tub is covered with expanded metal welded at each side to a 2" pipe, covered with screen to keep out debris and then covered with rocks and gravel. I just remembered that I do have a bigger pump out in my shop that I will try in the urn in the am and see if I get more water flow.
Thanks Slow for your admiration...and encouragement, you all keep me going.
Bonnie, the purple pot I am working on is in my Flickr album shown upside down now. I finished the bottom half of the purple this morning and am working on the inset inside now. It is so hot outside so I am working this on mesh and will inset it late this evening or early in the morning.

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CAROL!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! Fantastico!!! I love it, and I think I spy some Fiesta sapphire!! Did you break up your sapphire?? or did you actually get some of that from that company that sells broken pieces.. I think I will have to order some of that, just got it further down my list...

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Absolutely GORGEOUS, Carol. Wow! I'm so glad it's finally installed and working! You must be sooooooooo happy!

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Mermaid- The Fiesta Sapphire came from a very Collectible Sapphire Disc Pitcher. I sold it to a gal on Ebay. It arrived to her broken, she wanted her money back, so I told her to ship the stuff back to me and I would refund her money. I still have part of it to use later, but couldn't resist using a piece of it on my urn.
Thanks Cindi and Daisymae...I am so relieved to have it in place and not getting moved around in my work area. I was so afraid it would get broken.It looks great back in the bog garden where it was supposed to me all along.
Thanks again you gals.

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That is yet another WONDERFUL creation for your lovely gardens! Such beautiful colors in the Fiesta and in your garden. Love the idea of using the rock "pot" for a pond. If I can talk DH into helping me dig the hole, might try using a pond liner in one of the 40 (I think) gal pots I scrounged from a tree planting at a nearby office. Thanx for the idea!


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WOw, it is so awesome looking!! I love the bright colors you use!!

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WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! that is so pretty .I love it .

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What a show stopper!
Get to grouting and send pics!

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Oh this is gorgeous! I love the colors. When I saw the pictures I said "I want that!!"

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Flag,having seen this in person I really know how awesome it is.I don't have any words to describe how beautiful it is.One of my favorite of all time mosaic pieces.And in your wonderful yard it is awesome...great job.I'm proud of you too,you stuck with it even after it cracked ,great job!!!

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your urn is stunning flag! It has so much presence too in that setting, I love it!

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Thanks to all of you. I am enjoying this more and more. I was heartbroken when it got broken in it's terracotta state, but since I knew I didn't want nor could I afford a new one, I fixed this one and made it better. It certainly is a lot brighter and more colorful that the old urn.
I appreciate all your compliments, it made all my hard work worthwhile, now onward and upward.

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OMG! woman your are amazing! Wow!.....printing this out for a dream project! You just blow me away!.....wow!

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