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six172April 24, 2014

Hello everyone,

I have some questions about the window options that my builder has given me. I know next to nothing about windows other than you see through them. The two options are Pella Encompass and Atrium 6000 sliding windows. At this point they just want me to pick the manufacturer line to go with, then later we will go over some other options.

What do you guys know about these model lines and which do you think would be better. We live in Northern Colorado, so hot summers and cold winters.

Thanks in advance

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Do you have any other options outside of the standard line ups?

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Those choices sound remarkably similar to the offerings of "big blue". I'd expand your search. I believe that Sunrise is available in your area.

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So far these are all that they have offered to me. I can ask for other lines, but I really don't know what to ask for. Any suggestions?

They currently have my budget set for $5300. I guess I should have put this info in my original post. This will cover 14 windows, 2 concrete encased windows, flashing, screens, 2 garage doors and one back porch door.

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That is a very unrealistic budget for anything close to quality. Either do your work in stages or wait until you can do it correctly.
Those window choices you have are subpar.

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I spoke with my builder about the options and they said they would get a bid from Milgard for their Tuscany line. Any feedback on this line?

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Decent window.

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I would think that in a harsh climate like that, you would consider a far superior frame than vinyl. Marvin Integrity fiberglass is the best fiberglass on the market. That would be your high end quote. Tuscany is for low-budget applications. AAMA certifications are available FYI. Depends on how long you want them to look good and weather well.
I agree that 5300 budget is low. Installation is a key component also. Make sure they are certified installers.

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Please tell me what is lacking in vinyl frames vs. fiberglass.

How do you define "best" fiberglass on the market? Air infiltration, DP, Thermal numbers, etc?

What is a certified installer and by whom?

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I'd agree that the Milgard option would be a solid choice for your area. Definite upgrade from the other choices. The Marvin Integrity wood/ultrex window is very nice as well, despite the shameless plugs from energygirl. It will come at a bit of a premium cost though, and the thermal and structural performance are not top tier. Just a matter of if you want to pay a premium for a wood interior.

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Thanks for all the follow ups. My builder has told me that the Milgards are going to be an increase in cost for me. Based on the recommendations and reviews around here it would seem that the options I was originally given they are worth the extra cost. They are also going to look into stepping up the Pella line as well, not sure what that will be though. Consumer Reports has rated Marvin pretty well, but I think they're out of my budget at this point.

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May be some one ask you for either one, but i have strong believe that you will get maximum satisfaction when you will select window according to your own choice....

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