wiring harness for electric oven

homeboundJanuary 26, 2011

I'm replacing a single electric oven. The wiring of the old one (armored cable) was clamped and grounded to the oven, and connected with a wiring harness (black, red, white). I havent' seen the new one yet, but wondering if all ovens basically use the same wiring harness. If the new one doesn't have the same harness, can I snip it off and connect with wire nuts?

Thanks much.

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Most of the time they come with a terminal block.

They can then be either cord and plug connected or hardwired to the terminal block.

They often come set up for a 3-wire circuit also.

If you have a 4-wire circuit the bonding jumper for the chassis is removed.

The instructions often contain details for both 3-wire and 4-wire connections.

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Thank you.

I should have considered the RTFM! doctrine (i.e. Read The ...Manual)

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If it is a wall oven, it will come with a armored pigtail just like the old one.

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