More fine window screen material like Andersen and Milgard offers

wynswrld98April 30, 2008

I'm curious if anyone knows if window screen material

similar to what Milgard and Andersen have started

offering that obstructs the view less than traditional

window screen materials is available for purchase to rescreen existing screens?

Andersen TruScene insect screen:

Milgard PureView window screen:

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I don't believe the mesh is any different qauge, what I have scene is Blue in color which make it less visible, I had quoted it several times for Marvin screens and from I recall it was an additional $8.00(i believe)a SQ FT more

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Interesting, the ads I've seen for Milgard and Andersen make it look like (and/or imply) it's a smaller gauge. If you're saying I can spray paint my existing screens blue and it will essentially be the same as the Andersen/Milgard/Marvin screens that is interesting info.

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Actually a couple of months ago I requested online at Andersen's site to get a sample of their screen material which the site indicates they'll mail me for free and I never got it. That would have been interesting to put it next to my basic screens to see if gauge looked any difference and/or see if Andersen screen looks blue.

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Its more then the blue color it just appears to be blue in color

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Very good question as I am wanting to buy some our front door. I received a sample from Andersen and the screen is a much smaller diameter material and the spacing is approximately 2/3 the width of the normal stuff.

My interest is that it appears much stronger, and I would like to find screen that provides a bit more security than normal material. I know, I know it will still be screen but if is a bit more robust it might make someone think twice when I have the door open and in a back room. Suggestions?

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Actually, none of these products is new. Pella and Anderson act like high visibility mesh has just been discovered, and they discovered it. But it is widely available. Search "High-Visibility Window OR Insect Screening" or "High-visibility mesh" in Google. One good source is TWP, although they may sell only to the trade. Take a look at the TWP Web Page for more information.

Good luck.

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