L.A. Vendor For Steel Casement Window Repair

LANativeApril 21, 2011

Hello from a long-time lurker. This is the first occasion where I have been stymied sufficiently to post. We have a great apartment building in Los Angeles built in 1927. Steel casement windows were used throughout. Our problem is that when it rains heavily on the south side, and wind blows the water against the exterior wall, we get lots of water coming inside at the top of each of 10 windows on the top floor.

As other posters have brought up, it is near impossible to get a window contractor to discuss fixing the leak problem. Either we get a pitch for new replacement windows, or the contractor feigns disinterest.

Does anyone have vendor/contractor recommendations for fixing steel casement windows like these in L.A.? We would much rather keep the building with original equipment throughout, and we only have a problem with these 10 windows. Following are some photos for reference. Thanks in advance!

Exterior View

Open Hinge Detail

Interior View

Hydraulic Detail, Plus Rails for Pull-Down Bug Screens

Closer View Latches

Example of Small Casements

Side Exterior View

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A picture of the exterior top half of the window (connection to the stucco) would be helpful.

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Here you go WindowsOnWashington. Without an extension platform it's difficult to get those exterior photos.

This is an actual problem window from above. Sorry, don't have a larger telephoto lens for the DSLR.

This is a third-floor window with no problems, but on the opposite side in an accessible location.

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Torrance Steel Windows in Los Angeles is a long time manufacturer. I would start with a call to them to see if they can recommend someone to help you.
The reason that you are getting the pitch that you hear each time you contact someone is that "fixing" leaks scares the daylights out of most contractors. They might give it their best shot but if the leak persists they have now inherited your problem. Good luck.

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+1 on getting someone to try to fix a leak.

You have a bit of a drip cap on that window but I would like to see it extend out a bit farther and check that connection where the drip cap empties on the hinge.

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