Yet again.... Marvin Integrity vs Renewal Anderson

albertdcApril 21, 2011

I apologize for the onslaught of threads I'm about to start, but I want to try to keep each thread to its own topic....

I am about to replace 25 windows in my house. It is a 1989 Stucco home in Utah. Current windows are double pane, but all the seals are failing and the windows have crummy aluminum frames that transmit cold and completely ice up in the winter. Thus the replacement saga begins.

My first question - what to put in as replacements. All the vinyl windows we've seen just look plain cheap and I have read/heard of longterm issues with them. Is there truly an issue with them? Wood windows are likely too expensive and do not seem like they would "fit" the house as far as appearance (relatively modern construction with slim frames and large glass areas).

I am leaning strongly towards the Marvin Integrity windows as the narrower frames compared to the Infinity series seem like they would remain more true to the original stylings of the home. The Renewal Anderson rep gives a great sale pitch. Based on past threads, it appears that there have been very vocal proponents and critics of each, but those threads seem pretty old. Any changes? Current thoughts?

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Hi albertdc!

I just wanted to let you know that Renewal units are made from Andersen's exclusive Fibrex material that is a composite of wood and vinyl which has more strength than vinyl alone allowing for more glass area.

Did you know that Andersen Windows offers full-frame and insert replacement products which give you the option of a clad exterior/wood interior product? You should check out our website at There is an entire section on replacement windows under the PRODUCTS tab. You can also location your nearest Andersen dealer if you have additional questions about any of our product.

I hope you find the information you are looking for!

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More strength and more glass area?

What is the DP rating and VT rating on your window?

The vest VT rating I see out of what would have been a 2009-2010 Energy Star qualified double hung puts the VT at 0.47 with grids. I can think of at least 5 other vinyl double hungs that trump that number.

How is that more glass?

DP of 40 last time I checked. I can think of 30 vinyl double hungs with higher numbers.

How is that more strength?

If Fibrex is a superior material, what is the Andersen warranty on it?

10 years last I checked. How is that better?

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And that's without even mentioning the pricing nor their sales pitch!!!

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I work for Andersen in customer service... not here trying to sell windows.

Just want to make people aware that there is a difference between Andersen Windows and Renewal by Andersen, a subsidiary of Andersen.

It's regularly assumed that because Renewal is a 'replacement' window it is all that Andersen offers in replacement product, which is not the case.

Here is a link that might be useful: Andersen Windows

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No way would I ever recommend RBA until the high-pressure, bold face lying and distortions and the Tin Man selling techniques stop. I do not believe in those tactics and maybe if RBA's sales started to dry up, that would give them the incentive to change.

The truth is that RBA is sawdust and vinyl melted together. 60% of the window is vinyl.

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....banging head against wall.... I guess I asked for it....
"AndersenWindows" - I am well aware of the differences, thank you. Wood windows wouldn't look right in this house - "lipstick on a pig" comes to mind, and would not be worth the cost.

websnooper, skydawggy, and millworkman - you guys obviously do not like the Renewal product. Are you happy with the Marvin Integrity line?

Comparing Integriy to Infinity - I had both quoted by the Marvin dealer and the total job with the Infinity came about 20% higher (the window is about 25% more, but of course the labor costs (install + stucco work) remain the same). Do you think the additional price is worth it from a quality/functional standpoint (not counting aesthetics)?

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from my perspective it comes down to how much you want to have to remove and take apart during construction. If you don't want to touch siding or interior sheetrock and trim and your opening are sound and in good condition run the Infinity's if not go the new construction route.

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