Sherri Warner Hunter workshops

amerique2July 2, 2011

I'm so excited--just did a search on Sherri Warner Hunter after seeing her name mentioned in some posts and found out she's located only 4 hours away from me. Looked at her workshops coming up and there's a birdbath workshop later this month. Some of the others on concrete forms and armature basics are either full or cancelled. :-( But I'm sure I would learn lots in the birdbath workshop that I could apply to other projects since the description says "learn the basics of simple armature construction, cast bowl forms and hand forming concrete".

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You are a lucky duck. I'd love to go to one of her workshops. I've got both her books and they are really informative, it sounds like the workshop you're going to take will give you lots of basic knowledge.

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You are lucky! I'd love to be able to take one of her workshops! Have a ball and be sure and let us know all about it!

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I hope you get to take pics of all that fun you get to have and that you don't forget the lil'! And post Lots of pics for us!!!!! When is your course? Lucky Duck!

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It's the latter part of this month. Now, to find the extra $ in the budget to take it! If I get to go to this one, you can be sure I'll take pics and let you hear all about it!

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I would definitely drive 4 hours to attend one of her workshops!

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Looking forward to pictures, there's one in my town in October so I'd love to see.

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I have mosaiced 4 pots and a big dish and want to turn into a birdbath but I've been deliberating about if or how much cement to put into it (to stabilize but not make too heavy). I posted my questions on this about a month ago. So if Sherri Warner makes her birdbath's from pots, please tell me what you learn!

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She makes her birdbaths using armature for the stand, and sand casting for the bowl. I think that's probably why she does a class on it. It's a great project to learn the two techniques in one shot.

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