Custom sized windows?

lniaMarch 31, 2012


I have been doing some research on windows and have heard nice things about Marvin integrity windows. I did read that they do not do custom windows. What does this mean? I do have some non standard size windows in my plan.


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Marvin Integrity can be done in custom sizes now. I think the Marvin Infinity is a better window. It depends on how committed to actual wood you are. I know some people don't want a wood look if it's not real no matter how real it looks. But I've seen Infinity stained the same color as the wood trim and you can't tell it's not wood. But it will be impervious to moisture and need no maintenance ever. But if it has to be wood, Integrity or Marvin clad would be a great option.

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Thanks window dog. Would you happen to know the main differences between integrally and infinity, including cost?

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Windows on Washington

Same material. The fit and finish on the Infinity is noticeably better than that of the Integrity. The Infinity is much prettier and cleaner looking.

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windowsonwashington is correct.

The difference is that Infinity is full Ultrex fiberglass. The Integrity is "all ultrex" or "wood ultrex", the difference being on the interior. The design is different. Integrity was designed primarily for new construction applications, while the Infinity was designed for residential replacement. IMO, even though it's Marvin, a stellar company, a replacement window, most of the time, is going to be of a higher quality than a builder window.

The Marvin Ultimate's are expensive. No denying that. I think probably Marvin made the move to custom sizing Integrity because they had a lot of orders for the real wood interior wood-ultrex from people who wanted honest to god wood but financially didn't want to jump up to the Ultimates. The Everwood interior on the Infinity can be stained any color you like, and it's very attractive to wood lovers, but impervious to moisture.

One other option you might hear about is Renewal by Andersen. Their window has a real wood veneer interior option, with choices of pine, oak or maple. The miters with the wood veneer don't look so good, the veneer can and does chip. It can look very nice, though. The problem being that the rest of the window is made out of FIBREX which is a compromised vinyl composite that is only warranted for 10 years because it will fail after that.

Don't get stressed out about it. Look at all the options, see what feels good, trust your gut instincts, and then pay the price to get what you want, with the attending warranties and guarantees on product AND installation.

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Is there a significant price different between the 2 marvins- integrity vs infinity.

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Windows on Washington

Not usually but the Infinity will run a bit more on average.

All depends on the vendor and what the charge for product "X" vs product "Y".

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Infinity is typically an "exclusive", meaning that only one dealer in every market will carry it. You'll often find that a premium price comes with that exclusivity, however that is not always the case. Integrity is pretty much available to everyone, so you'll find an array of prices.

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