Size subpanel & wire size?

akawildturkeyJanuary 29, 2012

Im having a 10'x12' shed build, the concrete pad and 2high block is already in place. I plan on doing the electrical myself onceit gets framed. The shed sits about 25 feed from my houses electrical panel. This shed will have a 7x8 garage door, a couple gfi outlets, an ouside outlet, and a couple keyless lights, thats about it. (for my Harley) I am wondering what the minimum size subpanel I am required to install? I planned on hand digging a 20' trench from shed to location near house. Running some 1" pvc to feed shed. I planned on 2 ground rods, I know not to bond the neutral. I just dont know what minimum size and if there are a minimum amount of spaces required. 30 or 40 amp? There will never be any real load out there other than lights, maybe a radio plugged in, cordless battery charger etc. Nothing much. Any suggestions or advice? 50amp? Thanks in advance.

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You are not required to use a subpanel and there is no minimum amount of circuits. You could legally run 14/2 or 12/2 UF buried 24'' on a 15 or 20A GFCI breaker.

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"You are not required to use a subpanel and there is no minimum amount of circuits. "

If you do not have a panel you are limited to a single circuit 9though it could be a multi-wire circuit.

If you have a sub-panel you can have as many (or as few) circuits as you want (though if you only have one or even two it is a bit of a waste since a single multi-wire is allowed an could provide two 120 V circuits).

The panel size should be based on what loads you plan on running.

If the loads are as light as you say a single 20 amp multi-wire circuit is probably still more than you meed, and then no panel is required.

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As Brickeyee mentioned, for what you describe a multi-wire branch circuit would be just the ticket. I'd run 12/3 (plus a ground) UF cable. That would give you two 20 amp circuits, which should be plenty of power and would be less expensive than a sub-panel.

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