Window options for new construction

JammrockMarch 11, 2014

My wife and I are building a house and I'm looking for some good windows. My wife pointed me in this directions and I've been reading over a lot of the post.

It doesn't appear that Okna or Soft-lite new construction windows are available in my area (Charlotte, NC), which seem to be the most popular here. At least not that I have found.

The options I have so far, not including the big box windows, are:

PlyGem MW Classic Pro
United 5500-series
Alside (who?)

Now the questions. Are there any brands I should avoid? Are any of these windows good? Anything not mentioned that I should be looking for or missed?

I really want to find a good window and a good price for my house. And not go poor in the process.

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You are looking a couple of different materials there.

Do you have a particular that you are wanting? i.e. Fiberglass, wood, vinyl, etc?

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Marvin wood windows are great, and Simonton is the only vinyl that I'd consider of the bunch. Even then, they are no better than mid-range IMO. Tomorrow we are replacing a housefull of 12yr old Simontons because the homeowners are tired of the air leakage... Being closer to your area, Windows on Washinton may have a better ideas of the higher end choices in your area.

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windowsonwashington, I don't want anything that can rot, peel, or requires painting. So I guess vinyl or fiberglass (aluminum is likely out of my price range).

Thanks for the info, HomeSealed.

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Rotting and peeling are pretty basic requirements. If you are okay with vinyl, that will be a more cost effective option in about 99% of the cases as compared to Fiberglass.

HomeSealed....Simonton windows leaking air...say it ain't so...(sarcasm)...?

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I'm okay with vinyl because I think that's going to be the extent of my budget. I've read that fiberglass can be better, but right now it's a lot more expensive (?) Energy efficient wise I don't think I need to go crazy, like a triple pane or a krypton filled window. A solid built, glazed double-pane with air or argon, depending on what fits my budget, will be fine for my purposes.

Thinking about it more, what I suppose I'm looking for is experience with the quality of the windows. I want a window that I won't have to be replaced for ~20 years.

I may have a lead on an Okna dealer. I filled out a contact form and then got a call from a Homestar Energy Solutions in Wilmington, NC for an in-house window consultation. The appointment is not until the 26th.

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Quick follow-up. It was an Okna dealer who stopped by today. He quoted 36 Starmark 900 dual-pane, double-hung composite windows for about $3k more than the PlyGem and Simonton quotes. The Marvin Integrity windows were a cool $5k higher than the Starmark's.

Made the choice pretty simple. Okna Starmark 900's it is. One decision down, a few hundred to go...

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Great follow up.

That is a complete no-brainer right there.

That is awesome that you were able to find that window for only a few bucks more than the Plygem and Simonton.

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Jammrock, I am also in CHarlotte and interested in Okna windows. Can you please let me know how you like them, who installed them, and the name / contact of the dealer that you got them from? Thanks so much. You can email me from my member page.

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