Which color should I paint our front door? (pics)

lara9143August 3, 2012

We recently replaced our front door and are at the stage where we need to paint it. It is white (fiberglass) as of now with ORB hardware. Should we paint it white or go with a different color? DH suggested a navy blue and I really like BM Hale Navy, but I also like how the white kind of pops out.

What do you all think?

The front of our house:

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I'm liking the white too. I think navy will be too dark and make the door look like a black hole since it's shaded by the eaves.

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I would consider something in either a shade of blue that you could distinctly tell is blue (pianolady007 has a really good point) from the street. Or another color but definitely a 'color'. I don't care for th ewhite because it looks to 'choppy' w/ the dark trim, medium tone house and white window casings.

Any chance you can beef up the door surround trim to really make the door a focal point? right now it seems to hold the sme importance as the windows and I always think that your door should be the primary focal point.

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Very high gloss black, very sleek and modern!

I was hesitant with my door, and thought it would be too dark, and WOW I should have done it a long time ago.

Now I'm going to do 2 inside doors with the black. You won't be disappointed. Email me pics when you decide on the color. curlydella@yahoo.com

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Another vote for the fresh white -- but do paint the outside trim edge in white too! A simple fix that will make the doorway appear more visually cohesive ....

Perhaps switch the large flower pots on the wall to a deep blue color -- and then add some of your wonderful flowers.

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Lucky you, many colors look good. Your garden is so pretty, something colorful on the door would tie it in to the yard & draw the eye toward the door:




Bright olive green



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I think it would look great if you painted the door black, and the mail box black Paint the trim around the windows and door white.

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I vote for a glowing, goldenrod yellow. Something like Farrow & Ball's Citron, or B. Moore's Dorset Gold.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dorset Gold

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