Pieces Mosaic Exhibit

becky_iaJuly 13, 2011

Good morning everyone! It has been a very long while since checking in here. I have missed you all! But I have been very busy. Recently been asked to do a mosaic exhibit at our local cultural center and last Sunday they had the artist reception.

Well, I survived! What a wonderful day it was and so many people came! I had a delightful time and heard so many warm compliments. Am going to try and send the link for my Photobucket page that has an album titled "Pieces" Mosaic Exhibit. You can look through if you wish. Due to the special lighting in the building, the pictures could have been better. But they are what they are!



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Wow Becky, you do beautiful work! It's no wonder they asked you to do an exhibit! I love the little vase with the flower in it, and those butterflies. I think they're my favorite. I noticed on some of the pieces, your grout was shiny as if it were coated with something. Is that correct? And if so, what do you coat it with?

Very nice. It looked like you had a wonderful time. So happy for you!

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What a wonderful exhibit - beautiful work - lots of people who look very interested. Congratulations on your one-woman-show. That's quite an honor.

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Beautiful work and beautifully displayed. Congratulations on a great show!

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really nice display, Becky!

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Yes very nice !!!!!

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Congratulations, Becky! You do beautiful work. Love the butterflies!

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Wonderful! How exciting. TFS.

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