Snake made on mesh to install later

flagtruckJuly 27, 2008

This is the best use of mesh I have seen. This gal used it for almost every thing she has done. Maybe it will give some of you ideas and let you see mesh in action.

Here is a link that might be useful: mesh tutorial

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Flag, thanks for sharing that. What a fun project and a good learning tool for us.

I use mesh most of the time due to my schedule. It allows me to work on a project when I only have snippets of time available (20 to 30 minutes). All those snippets add up!

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How wide is the mesh ya'll are using? I have some that's for drywall work and have used it on a Christmas ornament for re-inforcement before applying thinset, but it's only about 2" wide and I have a concern for larger projects about the extra thickness where it overlaps.


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Most of mine is 12" x 12", I have one piece 4' x 4'

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I bought a roll of mesh on-line two years ago (38" wide by 65' long). I guess it will last for a while! Actually, I bought it to create a mosaic design for (2) 12' bar counter tops. I'm hoping to start that project in the fall and work on it all winter.

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Love watching this. I bought mesh too, and have never used it.

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Flag, oh my.. did you see her PEACOCK!!!!! It's fantastic!! Wow.. I would love to do one of those. going back to look again. thanks for posting her link

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I, too have mesh I have not used and have been thinking about doing a gecko. This is a great tutorial.
Thanks so much!

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