Windows with blinds between the glass

jyyanksMarch 7, 2006


I usually frequent the Real Estate or Furniture forum but had a question specific to windows and thought someone here could help me. Do you know of any companies who make windows (not doors) with the blinds between the glass? We are going to remodel our home and we want to have a bay window with that feature. The reason why we want to do this is because we are making the bay window a window seat and it's kind of annoying to sit somewhere where you lean back into blinds!

Thanks in advance for your help.

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The only company I know of that does this is Pella. I'll attach a link to their site for you.


Here is a link that might be useful: Pella windows

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Thank you Ima. My architect said he never heard of them but I'm glad to know they exist.

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jyyanks, You're very welcome and good luck with your remodeling.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

If you want to price the vinyl option with blinds, check out Sunrise of Michigan.


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I've seen the Pella windows with mini-blinds between the panes in a custom home in New Mexico. The advantage of this window is you can easily raise the blinds completely out of the way for a clean look, nice during the day if you have a great view. The mechanism for raising and tilting the blinds is very intuitive and easy to operate --- no cords to dangle. Another huge advantage is no dusting of the blinds. Pella also makes the same windows with honeycomb shades inside the panes.

I recently attended a home show in Albuquerque where these windows were displayed in the Pella booth. The windows would be useful in many situations, such as the bay window you mention, a child's room where cord safety is an issue, a bathroom, etc.

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We are putting in Pella windows with the interior shade on the south and west sides of our home. I am a quilter and have to restrict the amount of light due to fading of fabric. Pella offers 2 kinds of shades, fabric or metal. The metal shade is far superior to restricting sunlight if that is a concern.

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I think I'd be worried that my architect had never heard of between-the-pane blinds. They have been used for years in skylight windows.

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jyyanks, how is your window project going? I would like to do the very same thing but don't know where to start. Has Pella been able to accomodate you? How many people will be able to sit on the bay window seat? What knd of additional support, if any, will be needed to handle the weight? Thanks!

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Hello, I have had new Pella Slimshade blinds in my home for 1.5 years now. It has been a TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE!

The last 6 months has been trying to get Pella to resolve an issue with a nylon block on the bottom of the blind damaging the wood sash that it contacts. Fourteen windows show some degree of damage. The worst 4 have exhibit wear through the stain and all 3 layers of hardcoat resulting in chipped wood inside of the sash (or window). It is very visible! Pella finally offered a written response to my complaint and in it offered to allow me to upgrade to the newer style sash, at my expense. They are not recognizing this as an issue and have indicated that the problem was caused by my wife raising and lowering the blinds too fast! The new HGP style, ironically, has a plate at the bottom of the sash to prevent contact to the wood. In discussion with my installer, however, there are other issues with this new Slimshade application. I have found a customer that indicates the blinds in his door wall are wearing into the sash on the vertical sides. I have also had numerous issues with the actual operation of the blinds; such as uneven operation, the blinds won't flip, the blinds begin to fall or self lower, etc.

So far, Pella is not standing behind their warranty claims either. I have taken the complaint through the local Pella Window and Door in West Bloomfield, MI with no success and the case remains open with another representative of Pella, Iowa. Again, they are proving to be slow to communicate.

Does anyone else have these issues? Please contact your Pella agent and me. I am trying to bring awareness to this issue.

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I just wanted to let some people know that were wondering about blinds in between glass that I just got some double hung windows with blinds in between insulated glass from NRG, Inc. in Michigan and I love them! They tilt in and out and also slide up and down...they were hard to find so if anyone wants them I will attach a link.


Here is a link that might be useful: royaltechwindows

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In case you still haven't decided about the blinds between the glass idea, we got a Pella patio/french door several years ago from their line that offers the option you're looking for. In
case it makes a difference to you, just want to let you know that dust will get between those 2 panes of glass. No one mentioned to us, but we found out after installation, that you need to/operating manual tells you to remove the inner pane of glass annually and remove the dust.

Now there's a maintenance issue no one wants to tackle.

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Depending upon what is considered "several years ago", Pella has changed the design of that removable panel in 2005. I believe the dust thing isn't so much of a problem.

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Hello, I need to ask anyone's/Everyone's help. I have a Triple Unit Design where the right and left doors are solid (They do NOT open) but the middle door does. I have thrown a rock into one of the doors and need to replace the double pane window with blinds in between. Yet the previous owner of the house painted over the entire door so that you can't see the manufacturers label. Does anyone know how I could get a replacement double pane window with blinds in between?? Also complicating this issue, I live in a very small town in Kentucky and big towns like Nashville, Louisville, Lexington and Knoxville are more than 2 hours away from me. ANY Help would be GREATLY Appreciated!!!

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kymikee, take a look at the glass. Are there any etched labels on the interior glass? If not, are there any markings on the spacer in-between the panes of glass? E.G., on the aluminum silver spacer?

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If it is a wood door, it is most likely a Pella door. They have a service department that would come out to your home to replace the glass (and blind if necessary) no matter where you live. You wouldn't need a whole new door. A local glass company could replace the glass too but they wouldn't be able to replace the blind if you need a new one. Is your door wood or vinyl (hopefully it's wood because you should never paint over vinyl)? Like the previous post states, check for etchings on the glass or glass spacer for the name of the manufacturer. Hopefully it's there. Sometimes the name is on the hinges too.

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I recently purchased a townhouse (built in 1989) that has the Pella windows with between the glass shades. I love the windows and the shades, but several of the shades need to be repaired or replaced and Pella tells me they cannot do it, however they did refer me to OEM Shades... see link below. I've left a message for OEM Shades but have not talked to them yet. Has anyone had a similar problem or does anyone know of other companies who may help me?

Here is a link that might be useful: link for OEM Shades

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bumping this up in hopes of hearing about more recent experiences with blinds inside your windows....I heard that Simonton doesn't even make them because they have a lot of problems.....what do you think? I hate cleaning blinds, but don't want problems with my doors/windows!

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I was looking for the same thing using bing search videos one company in Isral, Makes a window that retrackes the blinds with the push of a button. De Linn SunScreen Systems (

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If you are looking for vinyl windows, Sunrise makes an excellent quality window with blinds. They even use LoE coatings on the glass.

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I have these windows and can't get pella to answer anything, and I have even been to the merchant in my town. The blinds quit working correctly after a while (don't close tightly) and I need replacements. Any ideas?

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Our Pella order came wrong. We ordered two casement windows, and a premium price. The interior blinds came with Top-Down direction. Can this be changed to Bottom Up direction for the blinds? The windows are useless to us with the blinds going from Top to Bottom. Help. Thanks


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Another reason i dont deal with pella.

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