alcohol...nail polish remover???

janieinmoJuly 8, 2010

hello...after I have grouted and then sealed with a grout sealer my stepping stone goes do I bring back the shine? I used alcohol last night and it looks great!! Am starting to freak because I gave one away as a gift. Did I do right?? TIA

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I use vinegar, but am sure the alcohol is fine. I've read with vinegar to remove it as it will damage the grout. I never do, just forget. I'm sure the givee will love it for many, many years.

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I use vinegar - cleans the grout film off the tess and brightens it all up. Then, if I want a glossy finish to the grout, I use Tile Lab glossy sealer.

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vinegar mixed with water and in a spray bottle. Ditto what Slow said.

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Me too!!!Wh slow said

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