Underfloor radiant heating & separate circuit

hellobrittJanuary 29, 2013

I've bought a 120v 15sqft underfloor radiant heat from warming systems. The system uses 180W. The bathroom in which the system will be installed has its own 20A circuit. Should I run a separate circuit for the radiant system or add it to the existing circuit? Yes, hair dryers, curling irons ect will be used on the circuit. There is also a few lights and an exhaust fan.

I have some left over 14 AWG wire that will work for the new circuit if required, however, in the panel, I only have a 20A tandem breaker with one of the breakers still available. Is it OK to use the 14AWG with the 20A breaker if the radiant system is the sole load? Thank you

Here is a link that might be useful: Warming Systems 15 sqft radiant system details

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"Is it OK to use the 14AWG with the 20A breaker if the radiant system is the sole load?"

NO, you need 12 ga with the 20A or a 15A breaker for the 14 ga.

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Either get the get wire or get the right breaker.
Just because you have an open spot on a twin breaker does not mean you have to use it. A twin breaker is like $15, get another. I bet your floor heat was WAY more than that.

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180w? That's less than the 3 lite bulbs I have in my bathroom.

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