Windsor - Recent Experiences?

karenmanessMarch 12, 2010

I'm suffering now from "analysis paralysis" regarding replacement of a patio door and a kitchen window. Eventually we will need to replace all our house's original windows, so I feel like the choice we make for this increment will set the course for the rest of the replacements, so I'm stressing out over it.

Had 5 windows replaced a few years ago with Pella aluminum clad. We have been very satisfied with the Pellas but don't necessarily want to go with them again due to realizing they are the only ones still using rollform aluminum cladding. Plus, I feel like we paid a premium last time that we don't necessarily need to pay to get a decent window.

We thought about the vinyl route, but ended up ruling that out. Husband doesn't like vinyl inside the house. So now am concentrating on aluminum clad options. Went to a couple of showrooms today and was shown some alternatives to consider to the Pella, Marvin route. Saw a Plygem Mira window, which the salesman said was actually the top of the MW line. However, he said they have only been making that window for less than a year so track record doesn't exist. He showed me a Windsor aluminum clad window as a good alternative and seemed to think very highly of them. This was at a Builder's First Source.

I searched on this forum for info on Windsor's and found some negative comments but the most recent was a few years ago. Does anyone have more up to date feedback on Windsor windows?

I had looked at Peachtree at another showroom, but this particular salesman at Builder's First Source was not a Peachtree fan, saying that after they had been bought out their product quality and supply reliability had declined. He went so far as to say he would not sell me a Peachtree window although their logo was plastered around the showroom...


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Our lumberyard really really really recommends the windsor windows. We are most likely going to go with their vinyl windows. The company went through some major overhauls in the recent past. I was concerned about it too but they seemed to have improved quality. I'm interested in other's opinions on this too! (ours are new construction though, not replacement)

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