Furnace Transfer Switch Question

jkjkJanuary 20, 2012

I want to wire a transfer switch into my panel so that I can power my furnace. My generator has a bonded neutral, and the furnace transfer panels I see all have two problems. 1) they don't allow the neutral to be switched. 2) they have supplementary protectors instead of circuit breakers.

I was looking for something like this but just for one circuit:


Does anyone know of anything?

If not, I would consider just backfeeding the furnace through an outlet, but would want a switch to drop the neutral out so I don't have two grounds in the system. Would that be a three pole switch?


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Ron Natalie

My daughter and her husband have one of these in their house...


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Thanks. I think that violates the code in the two ways I said.

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If no one else is worried about it though, maybe I shouldn't be either.

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backfeeding..lawsuit..after you KILL A LINE MAN..

any other dumb questions!! DON'T

if you need to power you heating system from a generator get and transfer switch..

leave the neutrals connected..

what your generated neutral bonded too? its frame or earth ground..the electrical system ground?

DON"T BACKFEED!!! you might kill someone.

if nothing else..plug your heating system into your generator..all problems solved..no back feeding..no neutral questions..you might need to add a box and plug near your heating system for this..so?


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