2 of my gog wips

addiesueJuly 24, 2009

Hi all,

Wanted to share two of my GOG WIPs with you. Both are at the cleaning stage just before grouting. I hope to have them done by the end of this next week. One is a pantry door. I'm doing grape clusters down the middle. The second is one I'm helping my neice with...it's her first GOG and I'm pretty sure she's got the bug now!...lol. It's on a door that goes to a lit cabinet. My neice has been out of town all week attending a conference but I keep getting texts from her that say all she can think about is getting back home to work on her glass....sounds like she's becoming a glass addict to me...how 'bout you guys?...lol

Here's my link...



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I'm not sure the link I listed worked so try this one.


Here is a link that might be useful: My WIP Slideshow

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OHMYGOODNESS, ADDIE: Those are just spectacular. I especially love the amber background glass shapes - leaf-like. The grapes are wonderful - are they half marbles? Your grape leaves are so real looking. The Angel - oh my! Your work is sooooooooo PERFECT. I took another peek at the birdhouse. I love the whole thing, but what catches my eye also is the happy little attitude the petaled flowers in front have. It's such a delightful scene. Yeah, isn't it great to introduce another one to glass and mosaics and have them catch it? Good for you. I soooooo love your projects.

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Addie your door is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! WOW!!! I just recenlty got my sister into the art and she too is having a ball with it!!!!

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Addiesue! WOW, what wonderful work you do, your door is simply to die for!!! So is everything else as well. Have you been doing mosaic for long? I'm wondering how long it will take me to be this good. BRAVO!

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Thanks everyone...Slowmedown, I think those things are called globs...seriously...lol...that's what the girl at the glass store called them. They look like half marbles but they are already cut. I just posted another post of a slideshow I put together of my finished gogs to include one I just finished. Charmo, I've been playing around with glass now for 2 years but have only done approx. 7 projects. I've found the bigger the canvas the easier it is for me.

Thanks again for all of the compliments and for those of you who are always sharing with the rest of us. I LOVE to see the pics!


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MORE great projects...Very Inspiring!!!! The grape panel is wonderful, love the colors and the different glass globs for the grapes!!! Angel is wonderful!!!

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Your GOG's are just beautiful. I love your colors you used.

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Yes that is great !! I love the bird house pic also .Great work .I love them.

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Is that irridescent grey on the Angel rock? Had to come back and drool some more!!!

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Drooling here as well.
Wonderful work sweetie.

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