best online source of light switches?need three-switch panel

purrusJanuary 3, 2010

Hi everyone,

We've been gradually rewiring/replacing all of the switches and outlets in our 1960s home. The old ones are dirty-looking and in a style that's no longer manufactured. We are switching to white leviton decora rocker switches.

Our basement has a three-switch panel...the first is a three-way switch and the other two are regular two-ways. I've looked everywhere and can't find even regular light switches with this combination. The current one isn't rocker switches, but the old-style switch. I'd prefer to find a large three-switch panel in the rocker style that wouldn't require fixing the old wood paneling that's down there (i.e., I want something that's the same size as the original fixture...the only decora ones I've found are three rocker switches on top of one another in a normal-sized configuration). I'd really prefer not to have to fix the wall or get more complicated than necessary.

Since it's going to be complicated, I'd just leave the original one in place, but the PO tried to replace the three-way switch and apparently couldn't figure it out, so it's all taped off now (possibly they couldn't find the exact configuration I mention above, which is my fear). Only the two regular switches work. We have to go upstairs to turn lights in the basement on or off...very silly.

Anyway, any thoughts? Hope my description is clear. thanks!!

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Switches do not come in "panels". Each switch is individual and the plate covers them.

Or are you talking about three switches in one single gang box? Those are Despard switches and can be hard to replace. They can sometimes be found in old hardware stores. My local place has them.

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Darn it,I knew my language to describe the situation would be lacking. I'll take a picture of what I'm talking about. I think it's three switches in a single gang box. Be back in a few.

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hope this helps clear up what I'm looking for!

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Ron Natalie

You still buy three individual switches. The switch plate (the cover that goes over them) are available with any number of holes (though once you get to 5 they become harder to find).

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So I just buy an individual 3-way switch? That's it? Then I guess I can find a faceplate somewhere with three switch holes?

Is it that simple? :) Would LOVE it if it were--thanks!

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So I just buy an individual 3-way switch? That's it? Then I guess I can find a faceplate somewhere with three switch holes?

Yes, it's that simple. Buy a 3-way and 2 single pole switches in Decora. If your local home center/hardware store doesn't have 3-gang, 3 Decora wallplate, try an electrical supply house. You're looking for Leviton 80411-W or 80611-W (assuming you want white).

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One of the big box stores has 3-gang decora plates.

I'm actually very sure they both do.

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Ron Natalie

Up to four position plates are available just about everywhere. Certainly the borgs have them (even Wallyworld and some of the others do).

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This is great--thanks to all of you!! I'm so glad it will be simple to fix! I am a DIY-er and figure most things out myself and was worried I'd run into something that would be difficult to fix.

Now, I'm replacing a combo switch (3-way combined with 2-way) right now and had the neighbor over for five hours yesterday trying to figure it out. Looks like the PO really made a mess of some of the wiring, and we still didn't get it fixed after all that time, we just capped off the wires. I think I'll just call in a pro on that one though, instead of trying to explain all of the details to you guys.

Thanks again for all of your help!!

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