HELP! Simonton Daylight Max or Milgard Tuscany

Djinn415March 19, 2013

Hello, first time poster and desperately need some help.

I have contacted two reputable dealers that provided different bids. I am looking to replace all my bedroom windows that will eliminate outside noise as much as possible. I live near a freeway, train tracks, and have noisy neighbors. For you experts out there I was wondering which of the two window brands would be a better fit for the price.

Simonton Daylight Max - features include: dual pane, lowe, argon, super spacer, sound control, auto sense lock.

Total for 5 windows - $3158 Includes installation

Milguard Tuscany Series white vinyl dual glazed Low E/CLR Retrofit windows.

Total for 5 windows - $2810 Includes installation

FYI, I do know about laminated glass, quietline series, and storm breaker windows but the prices to upgrade to those are much more than I like to even spend.

So which one would you choose and why? Thanks for your feedback!

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I do not believe that either of those choices will do what your looking to accomplish form the noise aspect. They may help slightly but you may also ask about using different thickness of glass in the IGU as this may also help slightly.

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I assume that you are on the west coast based on those options? Flip a coin. Both are solid and will offer similar performance... MWM is right though, you probably will not see the result that you are looking for in terms of sound reduction.

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Hmmmm, thats pretty discouraging and yes I live in the Bay Area. If those two brands won't accomplish what I am looking for, any good recommendations along a similar price point?

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Without going to laminated glass and or a sound attenuation window in addition to sound attenuation in the walls nothing will really help unfortunately.

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+1. Those are actually a couple of the better choices that are available out west. The problem is that a standard glass package just isn't going to do a lot for you in the area of sound control. The degree of improvement that you will see depends on what you have currently. If you have existing double pane units or single pane with storms, don't expect to hear a huge difference.

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I see, well I have old thin single pane windows, and i am sure any upgrade will be better than what I have currently. I am just trying to figure out which would work best. Thanks for all your inputs!

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If they have no storms you should see a marked improvement. If they do have storms, you may be disappointed.

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We don't get many storms out here in the Bay, occasional high winds and rain, but I don't mind the sound of rain or even nature at its rage, its the people who cause all the racket that's been quite the bother (highways, construction, trains, etc).

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By storms he is speaking about storm windows.

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Lol, yes, storm windows.... Forgive me if they are uncommon on the west coast. I don't get out that way very often.

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LOL, it took me a few for it to register. I was thinking storms in the bay area?? if the company has storm windows??? huh??OHHHHHHH, if I currently have storm windowsssss.......ding!

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Hi, I'm with Elite Exteriors, Inc. out of Bremerton, WA. I wanted you to know that we have sold a few different brands of windows, and every one of them that we installed in the SeaTac Airport area significantly reduced the noise problems from low-flying overhead planes. I believe you will get the desired results from either of the windows you are looking at. I would check to see if there are factory service reps for any of the window brands you are looking at. This is probably one of the more important issues. If you need and cannot get service, then you have not made the best choice in a window. Both these companies probably have an equal chance of being around in 20 or 30 years. Hope this helps in your choice.

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We have the same problem as the original poster. Noisy neighbors, barking dogs and train horns. We had a leaky window several years ago and replaced it with an Anlin window. It has held up very nicely, but it's not a noise reduction window. We also had a Simonton window installed to replace a builder grade window that clouded up. The Simonton window leaked twice. The company we bought the Simonton window from did come out and fix it twice, but we're kind of scared to continue with the Simonton. Other companies have said the window was probably not installed correctly. And what it did seem to us was that all the company did to "weatherproof" the window was caulk it and then caulk it some more. They claimed they used the best caulk, but they had to come back twice. So we're a little scared of the Simonton. As far as noise reduction goes, I'll be happy with any noise reduction we can get. All these windows seem to have noise reduction packages where they used different size glass between the panes. Does this work at all? Will using different size glass between the panes reduce noise more than just double paned 1/8 inch windows with argon gas?

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Offset glazing (i.e. different thicknesses of glass) is quite effective at improving STC.

You can also inquire about laminated glass.

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We have Simonton Windows that were installed ten years ago. The installation was poor, a caulk normally used for stucco that looks ugly. We have to recaulk on the sunny side of the house as it eventually cracks.

I am doing a remodel and considering going to the Milgard Tuscany because it has a lifetime warranty and accessible customer service.

This time we are installing to studs and using the system recommended in the warranty which includes a channel to offset any potential leaks so you don't develop a mold problem.

Can anyone tell me the downside of Milgard Tuscany? We are looking at double hungs, casements and single hungs with external grids.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

We used them for a time when they were on the East Coast.

I hated the PAL locks. Ugh. They worked about as well as does.

Other than that and some customer service issues, they were a pretty solid window.

Decent numbers. Not a world beater but I would put it ahead of the Simonton in terms of clean lines and performance edge.

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Hi Djinn415
Any updates on which window you used and the results?
I'm curious.
Did you go with the different glass thickness? or laminated?

I'm in the same boat in san diego...starting to do my research.
Milgard posts their Tuscany performance ratings and of other models. It lists it out by the type of glass thickness or laminated combos, it's very interested to see how the STC rating increases.


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