Need windows- Thermal Windows Tulsa or ????

psyoheMarch 31, 2013

I live in southeastern Oklahoma. Really hot summers, some cold winters with 1-8" of snow about 3-4 times a year. We have had ice storms where the ice lasted 2-3 weeks. Lots of high winds and tornadoes. This year we only had 1-2" of snow which melted by nightfall. Last year and this year's winter only got to about 23 degrees a couple of times. The rest of the time has been 34-60 degrees so not much of a winter, but with the last ice storm it was 0 degrees for a long time.

So we have all extremes of weather. "If you don't like the weather in Oklahoma, just wait an hour; it will change" is sort of our motto.

We need windows for the 115 degree heat and below zero cold.

Currently we have mostly floor to ceiling picture windows. All are aluminum. Only 2 windows open on the first floor, the kitchen and small bedroom.

In the master bedroom we have 1 picture window on the north wall and 3 on the SE wall. None open, but we have a door to the patio. We could do floor to ceiling double hung or any combination of windows. There is a concrete deck there. We could put a french door and the rest could be windows, or we could put all windows there. The wall is 24' long in a bay shape. 1-7.5' picture window, 1-6' picture window, and 1-7.5' picture window. Lots of sun in the morning but the eaves are 16-20".

In the living room we have 2 picture windows facing SE, but we plan on putting another opening for either a window or French door. We plan on at least one French door. We could put 2 more on that wall, but we could also put windows. The front door is on another wall facing SW. The SE wall is 26' long and the available window/french door opening is 18' long.

All windows have a wide eave over them about 16-20" wide.

We have been looking at Thermal Windows Thermally Broken Aluminum. (not to be confused with Thermal Industries/Atrium.) Double hung, Thermal Titanium low-E glass, Argon double panes, Series 700. 23 windows installed $13K but they will not reframe the windows. (The floor to ceiling windows will have to be reframed to 52" tall so we have to pay someone to do the framing or buy more expensive taller windows.)

We had Capitol vinyl windows in our last house. I googled them today and they have tons of complaints....same thing happened to us. Failure after 4-5 years. They came and fixed them free, but we had to be off work to let them in. Shouldn't fail that quickly.
So we are not fond of vinyl windows, but I am sure Marvin, Kolbe, and other vinyl windows are much better vinyl windows.

We have never had wood windows or aluminum clad/wood windows. We don't know anyone who has them.

So with my "essay" about temperature, weather, etc. what kind would you suggest and which brand? Shorter windows? Floor to ceiling again? I will also tell you we have a beautiful view of the lake with those picture windows. Everyone stands by the windows when they come visit.

Please give me any advice you have. I have posted about the French windows on another post. "Need help with French doors or windows." I need to order my kitchen window asap. Vinyl, wood, or aluminum thermal break. Help! Thanks, Peke

I do not know how to link to the other post. Sorry! It has pics.

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Peke, unfortunately from what I have been reading in your posts you have been all over the map with brands, types, whatever in both doors and windows. Everyone here is more than willing to help but for 3 months your have not really helped us to help you. Most of these questions have been answered previously but now your throwing more and different information at us from what I can tell. Your posts have become quite confusing to say the least. I think you need to take step back and tell us what your actually looking to accomplish with the products and what type of finished product you expect.

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I agree millworkman,, very strange .

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No, just overworked. Grading papers at night and surfing the web for everything I need for the remodel. Very little sleep. Sometimes I cannot remember posting. Last two weeks have been stressful at school...state testing starting next week for 2 weeks, but I still need to finish buying stuff for the house.

Anyway, I have not decided what windows or doors I need. Still waiting on contractors. So I am just trying to get all the information I can so I can make good choices. I tried to get an architect out here to see what windows would be best, but none will come for such a small project of choosing windows. I know they have bigger projects and their time is important though.

So sorry for posting and forgetting. Very frustrated right now. I AM all over the place. I appreciate Millworkman and Windowsin Washington's help..among others. I am taking it all in, but I can't make a decision. Maybe I will make more sense when the state testing is finished....all five of them. Peke

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