Wiring a new pergola

del2009January 12, 2009

I recently added a pergola to my patio and need lighting. Didn't prewire the patio. Have about three feet from eve to pergola. Would like to use low voltage if possible. Anyone have ideas or suggestions on how to do? It's a 10 x 12 with four posts (8 x 8).

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I would want to run a new 20 amp circuit, underground to the pergola, with 12/2 UF to give me the option of having 120v lights and outlets if needed as well as the LV lighting for normal use.

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yeah you have to get regular 120v power there depending on your acess you can run through the attic. or under the house stapeled to the beams if its pear and beam. you may also run it along the outside of the house on the wall in pvc. in my oppion any of thoes will be less work than digging. Just be sure that when its outside or above grade to put it in a pipe.

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Liquid sealtite (flexible conduit) from eave to pergola and the go from there

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