Jeld-Wen Premium Vinyl vs Marvin Integrity Ultrex-Wood

hawkeye2256March 29, 2013

What's the difference between Jeld-Wen Premium Vinyl and Marvin Integrity Ultrex-Wood? GC and dealer say Premium Vinyl is comparable to Marvin Integrity Ultrex but cheaper. I am aware of choice of colors and interior trim with Marvin. There is about $6000 difference for the whole home. Trying to decide which way to go.

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Nothing about Jeldwin is premium. Higher end vinyl would be HiMark, Okna, soft lite, sunrise, or gorell. NOT Jeldwin.

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Jeld-Wen can be a sound choice, but Integrity is a higher end window. They are also two different selections - fiberglass vs vinyl. Not apples to apples. Vinyl carries a longer warranty, however, Integrity will offer more defined choices in product and the ability to paint the units in the future as opposed to vinyl, which you cannot.

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+1 to mmarsel's comments. Jeldwens vinyl is not a top performer. The other vinyl products that he mentioned are getting u values in the .26 to .28 range without any crazy surface 4 low e coatings, and they have air infiltration ratings under .05cfm. The Marvin option does not hit those numbers either, but no wood window does so it is a trade off.
At this point, you will want to decide which, material you prefer so that you can compare accordingly. If you want a custom stained interior, wood is the choice. Vinyl is a compelling option when it comes to price, performance, warranty, etc.... Just be sure to pick a truly premium vinyl window.
If you are not going to consider any other options beside the current two, I'd choose the Marvin by a mile.

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Thanks for the comments. In the neighborhood we are building, no one seems to have anything but single hung vinyl even though we are talking about 600-800k homes. My schedule includes casements in the front and double hungs elsewhere which is a huge upgrade compared to other homes in the neighborhood. This is the reason why I am even thinking about Jeld-Wen. Dealer says the Jeld-Wens he gets are from a Central Ohio plant and he has total confidence in them. And I trust him.
I am going to get quotes for Soft Lite also from him. He does not sell Okna or Sunrise. Just to have an idea, would Soft-Lite come in cheaper than Marvin Ultrex Wood?

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Softlite could be cheaper. If this is through the same dealer it should be. Which softlite product is he quoting? ... I can tell you that going with either the Marvin or the softlite you are light years ahead of your neighbors in quality, and you'll be watching them replace theirs again in 10 years while you are sitting pretty.
You are definitely ahead of the game in the fact that you are actually researching windows while you are building.

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And if you use Jeldwen maybe you can get a better deal by all of you purchasing the window replacement jobs together in 10 years.

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@Homesealed - I asked for Soft Lite quote yesterday. I'll probably have it in a few days.

@millworkman - Lol.

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Dealer says Soft Lite and Okna are geared more towards replacement market and not new construction. Is that the general consensus?
He is getting pricing for Marvin Integrity All Ultrex to compare with Jeldwen Premium Vinyl. I am guessing that is going to be cheaper than All Ultrex Wood and more than Jeldwen.

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Geared toward the replacement market is irrelevant. All vinyl manufacturers offer their products with or without a nailing fin which is the only difference anyway. Secondly, the main difference that you will see between companies that sell more new construction windows in comparison to those geared more toward replacement, is that the latter generally offer a higher level of quality. When building a new home, most folks could not care less about windows and think that new= good.... That is until 10 years later (as i alluded to above) when they take a much more scrutinizing approach after having been burned once by junk. The all ultrex integrity is the only one product in the entire line that has no reason for its existence IMO. Looks uglier than nicer vinyl options, and offers worse performance and warranty as well. Build quality is good like very Marvin choice, but there is just no reason to take the performance hit without getting the beauty of a wood interior... I suppose if you want to paint the interior something other than white it would be a fine choice, although even then there are some paintable composites like Starmark with killer performance and lifetime warranty.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

+1 to HomeSealed comment.

That is pure bunk.

Any good replacement window can be had as new construction and in most cases...should be.

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Update: Dealer says All Ultrex is around 4k cheaper than All Ultrex Wood and 4k more than Jeld Wen. Okna and Soft lite are going to be close to All Ultrex Wood (although these have not been priced out in detail like the others).

I pretty much eliminated Jeld Wen. Trying to decide whether to go with Wood or not. Apart from the interior look, is there any other difference between All Ultrex and All Ultrex Wood? Thoughts? Advice?

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I think your GC is a little off. We just did a high end house with Integrity/Wood. Unless they have changed recently, the Ultrex/Wood looks a lot nicer on the outside also. See the link below to our house. The Wood/Ultrex turned out really well. These pics are at the end of construction, they look even better now. I have had these for a little over a year now and am very pleased with them. Our builder leaned towards "cheaper" windows also (he preferred WIndsor). To me, Windows are one of the most important aspects of construction. You are talking $5k or so on an $800k house. Don't scrimp on windows, doors or plumbing fixtures.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to our house with Integrity Ultrex/Wood

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@lkbum Nice home!

I am going to take a look at both windows in person next week and then decide. I am trying hard not to scrimp on windows, insulation and air seal. I just don't want to have the most expensive home in the neighborhood but agree that $5k is not much in a $800k home. Thanks for the input.

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Thanks, if you have not done your insulation yet, we used blown in cellulose in the walls ("dense" pack) . I would highly recomend this. This adds mass to the wall and the effect on sound in the house is incredible. Noticible reduction in noise from outside and echoes inside. There are all kind of pro's and con's of various insulations. Moisture, fire etc. will influence what you choose, the sound deadening is incredible.

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If you want white interior, get better looks and performance from one of the higher end vinyl lines. If you want the wood interior, the Integrity is a very solid option.

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Decided to go with Marvin Ultrex-Wood mostly for the interior looks. Thanks all for your help.

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Nice choice, pictures please when the project is finished are always appreciated as well.

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@millworkman - Will do. Digging early May, GC says will finish in 6-7 months.

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