where do you get your inspiration & ideas?

trancegemini_waJuly 23, 2008

hi all, I came across an old picture like a print of a painting in a frame and I want to mosaic over the print and hang it on my living room wall. are there any problems you can see with this?

the biggest hurdle is I have no idea what to mosaic on it! so I thought Id find out how you all come up with your inspiration and ideas, how do you know what design you plan to do and how do you choose your colours?

I dont think Im a naturally artistic person, so knowing what will look good on a project is so confusing to me right now! any tips you can share with a beginner who's artistically challenged? :))

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Look at other's mosaics for inspiration. I spend hours and hours and have saved soooo many pics on my computer.
I have copied a picture and resized it (I use Paint Shop Pro) and then just put a piece of glass or plexiglass
over it. You can pick up an ugly picture at a thrift store just for the glass and frame. That is what I'm doing with

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Hi, I too look at a lot of mosaics. I also doodle alot. I have a little note book where I do little drawings, I even have doodles on my grocery lists (more doodles than list!) I save all of those. You'll be surprised how many ideas start developing. Good luck and I'll bet you are far more artistic than you think.

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Well, I can't draw or doodle to save my life, so my inspiration come from others as well.
I'm not much of a "planner", but I do get sort of a picture in my head and then I just kinda dive in.
Sometimes the magic works!

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thanks for the replies ladies! ok so Im going to have to start saving some pictures from now on. If I know what Im doing I think I'll be fine but coming up with a design is so hard!

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