garden of oz

kraftkrazyJuly 19, 2009

went to the garden of oz in hollywood with a couple of friends yesterday,,it was absolutely unbelievable. large property with mosaics everywhere. unfortunately the gate was locked so we couldnt go in and see everything, had to be content with peeking in thru the gate and fence. they dont want you to take pictures so i didnt but did find this link on flickr. i think some of you have seen the pictures before. they really dont do it justice. if you are ever in the los angeles area, that is a place that definitely should be seen

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OMG!!! Are you sure you weren't in Slows??!!!!

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Way Cool!!! Never heard of this place but would sure like to see it....Should set up a tour LA, then Texas to Slow's!!!

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OHMYGOODNESS doesn't that make you wanna quit mosaicing??? Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. How exciting it must be to live there. Pure Mosaic Heaven. Thanks for that site.

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actually while i was there i was thinking of slow's place and that it too will eventually look just like this place. they say he has been working on it for 15 years. this place is off the beaten path, so you have to be looking for it to find it and theres a bunch of different levels and different shrines with crosses and mennorahs (sp?) and a plaque about ghandi and many many handmade tiles. they have to be handmade because they are so personal to this place. outside the gates and fences he mosaiced the stones that border the yard, and theres a throne outside where you can sit called a throne of your own. i think this place has something for absolutely every one and he promotes love and peace and healing with the different quotes and sayings he has interspersed throughout. i intend to go back again and hopefully one time i might catch the gate open and can go in and explore

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ive been looking thru slow's pictures of all the things she's done and i think she rivals the garden of oz..i want to live in either place, so much beauty

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