Bright Colored decor ideas for jars on shelf?

nostalgicfarmAugust 22, 2012

I am building a small (2 ft wide) mudroom area in our entry. My walls are tan, and I will paint this area (shelving and beadboard) dover white. I think I am going to stick with a neautral tan with some black fabric cushion for the bench.

For the top shelf, I only want decorative things. Since we have to Hide candy from the kids, I thought I would like to put a glass jar with jelly beans on the top shelf. I am trying to think of some other things that I could fill up a few more jars that would be fun like that. I think I may also do a black and white pic of the kids and maybe a monthly calendar inside a picture frame.

This is our side entrance, and shouldn't be used by guests, but I just want it to be classy, but a little fun.

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Marbles, crayons, spools of ribbon, markers,neutral tags with brightly-colored edges, small rocks with brightly colored sayings, shells sprayed with Krylon Sterling Silver, licorise, drink straws from Ikea, packets of seeds, packets of Kool-Aid ....

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Hiding candy in plain sight? That's cruel.

Use a plastic jar, because those kids are going to make a tower, or shimmy up the walls, or stand on the doorknob and swing over.

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The other day I saw a display of simple jam jars with the lids (but without the disc so they were still open) and a couple of purple hydrangea like flowers in them sitting in a window. I loved the way it looked simplistic and uncomplicated but homey and charming all at the same time.

And there are a lot of ways to display them as well. If you google a search for "mason jars as vases" and click images you'll see some great ideas.

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I like all of Teacats ideas. Add to it small action figures of Little People no longer played with. Marbles. Matchbooks.

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I wouldn't put any "kiddie" things in jars because they will do everything it takes to get to them! lol.

Oh, if you use mason jar like jars, spray paint the lids in cute colors. Wrap a ribbon around the lip of the jar.

Decorate jars with decorative tape too.

Here's what I have or had in my jars throughout the years:

White and yellow spray painted pinecones for summer. White for winter.
Spools of ribbon.
Faux fruit.
Antique buttons, which I have a gazillion of.
Packets of flower seeds.
Dried flowers
Christmas ornaments

Do a google search on decorative apothecary/mason jars and you'll get a ton of ideas.

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Spools of ribbon reminds me of one of my favorite things -- embroidery thread. It's silky and a little bit shiny and the shades are really great. It's floppy, though. Most of the things that have been mentioned are stiff and keep their form when piled up.

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Dried split peas are a lovely shade of bright green. And they are super cheap too.

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If you have an itchin' to creep your kiddos out ...

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Annie Deighnaugh

Or you can paint the insides of the jars and use it as a vase for dried or fake flowers (nothing wet)...

Or paint the outsides...

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