has anyone painted the exterior of their Marvin Ultrex windows?

lori_inthenw_gwMarch 1, 2012

If only the ebony windows came with either the wood interior or an ebony interior, I would not be considering this. We already used the ebony on our detached garage, and I love the color on the outside. Just don't want the white fiberglass on the inside in the house. The darkest color that comes in the wood interior is bronze. Would it be insane to get that and then paint it black? Or should we be looking at another line of windows?

We used these because of their efficiency, mid-range price, decent reputation, etc. so I sort of hate to start over on the research. Plus our architect based a lot of the window schedule with the goal of using as many stock sizes as possible.

A few weeks ago, I talked to a Marvin rep at the Seattle home show and he said he had actually done this-- a different color, but for the same reason. He painted the exterior himself (brush not spray) and said they came out great, but I'd like at least one more opinion!

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I was in the same boat. I ended up with Milgard Ultras (also fiberglass) because Marvin didn't offer the black on black option and I had little faith in a thorough interior paint job. Milgard does offer the black on black option.

Marvin's lack of ebony with a wood interior - or color options for the fiberglass interior - is a real shame. Who wants black casements with bright white interiors that are exposed every time the window is open?

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The rep I talked to said the ebony plus wood was their most requested unavailable option here in the PNW, followed by black- on black, or maybe it was a tie. I figure one of those will become available the year after our windows go in, which won't be til 2013.

Are you happy with the Milgards? Maybe I will have to re-evaluate. I'm not too excited about spending my vacation next summer painting exterior fiberglass of brand new windows. I would be happy with the black on black look as well. Maybe happier.

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The house is not yet fully constructed so I can't give you an experienced opinion yet, but I love the look of the black Milgards. The neighbors love them too. My builder raves about Milgards. The lifetime warranty was a nice selling point. Another bonus for you: the fiberglass Milgards are manufactured in your backyard. Tacoma I believe.

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Lori, I saw your question and thought that I could supply some info from Integrity that would be helpful (I do marketing work for them). Ultrex is very paintable -- it just needs some simple surface prep.

Painting Ultrex

1. Thoroughly sand the factory finish with 320âÂÂ400 grit sandpaper.
2. Wash the surface with water and detergent to remove contaminants, rinse with clear water and dry
3. Mask any window components that will not be painted.
4. Coat the Ultrex with a quality exterior grade acrylic latex paint. We suggest using a foam brush.
5. Acrylic latex products gain full adhesion after seven to ten days' cure.
6. Spot test a small area after seven to ten days to verify adequate surface preparation prior to finishing
large areas.

Matching House Paint
See your local paint retailer to match house or trim paint to Integrity windows and doors.

Any Sherwin Williams dealer can match the paint by using the formula below: (tinted/gal.)

Base: Exterior Latex Satin
Ultra Deep Base (A89T154)
Tint: Black (BâÂÂ1) 12 oz.

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I don't know why the program messes up the dashes. In the post above, it should be, sand with 320 to 400 grit sandpaper. And at the bottom, the black tint color is B dash 1.

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reinan, thanks for the input-- I wish I'd had that recipe for Ebony last summer when I tried to find a black paint for the door to match those windows in the garage!

I know the windows are paintable, and I'm sure they'd look good for some time. But then, so does wood! What I'm wondering is if then that puts on the same or similar maintenance cycle as we'd have if we had wood windows. Because one of the pluses of the Ultrex exterior is the no-maintenance aspect, especially as this is a retirement home.

I hate to re-visit the whole window schedule, but we may have to look at another brand. Unless Integrity decides to make Ebony with either a wood or Ebony interior in the next year and a half!

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