anyone have quotes for Marvin Infinity Windows?

digitalrideMarch 24, 2010

If anyone else has recently gotten quotes for Marvin Infinity full-frame replacement windows, I'd really appreciate some numbers to compare with. I understand there are regional cost differences, but I'm not in a super high cost of living areas and the quote I got seemed outrageous.

I got a quote for Marvin Infinity Windows, $1400 per 48"x24" casement window installed, 7 windows total, interior and new trim unfinished, tax credit eligible glass, no sub-sections of glass or non-standard colors. This is with the upgraded stainable fiberglass interior which I like and very few other manufacturers offer, but I just can't get over the cost when any other full frame replacement option will be under $1000 with everything included.

I really don't like the fact that you are forced to buy the product with installation included, and there is only one licensed installer in each city. I feel like they can make up any price if they think you look like a sucker with a fat wallet. There are no published prices or detailed quotes, he just punched numbers into his calculator and came up with a number for each window (we also have some doubles and triples, 7 windows total). And there is no way to compare or compete with another window store.

I am going to try calling the licensed dealers from other cities, but I'm guessing there are rules on sales territories, and the other cities are all about 75 minutes away vs. 45 minutes for the closest one.

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As I suspected, two other dealers from neighboring cities said they have sales territory boundaries they can't cross.

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