Single hung windows, metal rods

bookboyMarch 5, 2012

I'm sure I'm making this difficult to understand, bear with me....I've just bought an early 1950s Cape Cod home. It's been beautifully maintained (if a bit dated), one owner, the home has its original wood framed single hung sash windows.

The windows are in great condition, all moving freely and stay in place. The previous owner painted the 'rods'in the upper sash, the lower sash rides on these rods while being opened (I'm sure these are not called rods but for lack of a better description....). The rods seems to be metal, aluminum?

Unfortunately they were painted and are now flaking, look terrible, Rather than scraping what's loose and painting once again I'd like to strip these and leave them in their natural state which appears to be black or at least very dark.

Does anyone know what metal these are typically? Best means of stripping without damaging?

Thanks very much

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pictures would be helpful, but they are probably aluminum.

I have seen some old windows with iron guides in them, but only once in my lifetime.

Strip them with a light paint remover. I'd start with thinner or Acetone (sp?). and go from there. Test on a piece first to make sure they don't tear up the rods.

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Thanks very much! I will give that a try. Fine old windows, great condition except for this, is too bad previous owners painted them and now flaking badly.

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