dragonfly flowerpot

realroseJuly 6, 2010

I haven't sealed the inside. Plan to paint Kiltz on the inside. I'm 55 and a 4 year breast cancer survivor. I'll donate this to my team (we do the walk) for a raffle or auction. Took several pictures, coz all the dragonflies are different. Also there's a little spoon face to see.

I know I should paint the grout a better color, but...

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LOVE all the colors!!! I would suggest...just a suggestion, a light wash of either pale green or pale blue on the grout, but even as it is it is very lovely and colorful!! Good Job! I really like the background glass!

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Good idea Clam. I'll do lite green. Never tried green only, black, grey and brown. Won't do anything with it untill September, so there's time. Thanks

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Wow, that's really cute. Love the spoon person.

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How delightful. It's the happiest little flower pot. I'm not a white grout lover, but I could surely live w/this pot. BEAUTIFUL.

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Beautiful. The darker grout would really make the colors pop! You did a great job grouting.

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I love this! And that little spoon just makes me smile. I think I would grin every time I walked by it.

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Beautiful.....I'm also a breast cancer survivor of 2 1/2 years and we have a walk coming up in October. What a wonderful donation. If I was to try to make one, to donate, what did you use to attach the glass and tile before grouting? Hope to see more of your lovely work

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I think it's time I started my own dragonfly.
But it will be a wall piece.
I am scared to start anything for outdoors, let alone a flower pot... although, I should EVOLVE, right?
I love the blue tiles... and the marbles... are they see-through?
I also ordered a bunch of them but I can't really use them, as you could see right through them :(

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Thanks all. I've been busy. Doing my 1st festival mid Sept. I'm freaking out that I don't have near enough "stuff", so I've been mosaicing like a crazy person.
Don't have the canopy or anything yet, but I've always wanted to do it, so what the heck. I'm trying to get several things grouted in the next few days. I'll post pictures, got lots to post.

Crafty I used Ge Silicone 11 on this pot. I know it's not as good as thinset, but I can't work with thinset when the pieces are so small. I think Slow is totally right about the terra cotta. I have one in the front of my yard done with thinset and it's falling apart. Got too cold this winter, I guess. I love your crosses. Glad to hear you're a survivor, there are lots of us, we're lucky.

Cali the tiles are blue stained glass and the marbles are colored. I've painted the bottom of clear marbles with finger nail polish to get color and it worked fine. Time consuming, but they have some cool polish colors.

I'll post some pictures asap.

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I LOVE this! And I think the white grout look just fine! You have used such an large array of colors that I barely noticed the grout color! I too am a breast cancer survivor...I am a warrior of 9 years. Congrats to you and your successful fight...keep it up..and when you feel like giving up just look up!...GOD IS GOOD!


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