Glass mulch - adhesive?

jbug73July 23, 2009

Newbie here - big project - maybe on the fringe of mosaics, but I think you can help...

I have a multi-panel art piece in the lobby of our office that depicts our company's office locations across the Western US - so imagine a fragmented map with 20+ square panels ranging from 8"sq to 20"sq. Originally, I printed the map on photo paper and glued them to the MDF boards. I've never been happy with it and now they are peeling from the boards and fading from UV.

So, I plan to take the paper off and attach cork for the land masses. My question for you folks is regarding the ocean. I plan to affix blue glass mulch (link below) to the MDF, but with what?

I've thought of painting the board with a blue/gold paint marble effect to utilize the transparency of the glass - make it appear somewhat irradescent. (We have some ornamental metal pieces slicing through that would be great to pull color out of.) So I assume I need to use the GE Silicon that is mentioned often, but how will it fix to acrylic paint?

Or should I try to color thinset? Any hope making it irridescent?

The piece is indoors, but exposed to sunlight, so colorsafe options are best.

Here is a link that might be useful: pic

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Great project! I think the idea of painting(I'd use a metallic craft paint and then clear silicone(will be messy, so be careful!!!)I'd use a popcicle type stick to spread(like peanut butter)the adhesive caulking on, then sprinkle the glass shards on and smoosh them down gently with the stick. I think the metalic paint or that foil stuff, put under the glass will give it an irridecent look(foil comes in copper,bronze and silver, but paint would do too, I'd use paint)anyhoo, that's my suggestion...keep us posted, I would like to see how this turns out! Jane

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Epoxy-excellent adhesion for the millenia, crystal clear. and you can get either a 5 minute for a short working time or a 30 minute for a longer working time. If you use metallics or paint under it test first to see if it reacts. The girls who work a lot with tempered glass use the stuff under their pieces an d it looks great. good luck!

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Thanks for the ideas - I hadn't thought of foil, but that really would pick up the metal, wouldn't it?

Epoxy - I'll be curious to see how it reacts to paint as well. I really would like something that lasts until I retire - which could be 40 years now!

Thanks again

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