Need help reconnecting wiring for kitchen issues

SpinoryJanuary 3, 2011

My DH and I disconnected 1 4 way switch, 1 GFI outlet and 1 regular outlet when we knocked down a wall in preparation for a kitchen remodel.

We think we rewired it correctly, but now a DIFFERENT GFI outlet is not working, as well as our gas stove and dishwasher. The GFI outlet is right above the dishwasher, next to the sink.

We've looked at our wiring again, flipped all the circuit breakers and Googled for help. The outlets and switch that we did rewire work fine.

Any ideas? We're pretty amateur DIY'ers and learning a lot! Thank you for any assistance!

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1. Another GFCI tripped.
2. You did something wrong. Tell us what you did and we can help.
3. One of your connections is not together properly.

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Hi Joed-

thanks for responding! We did wire the first GFCI incorrectly but rewired it and everything works!! So happy I don't have to do all the dishes by hand! Plus I learned some things about electrical wiring.....always happy to learn something new......=)


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