can i rewire 3-gang light switch?

spf5209January 15, 2012

I have a gang switch with 3 separate light switches, however the first switch goes to the wall and the second goes to the ceiling light. I would like to reverse these. The wiring for each switch is clamped at the back of the box, but there appears to be sufficient extra wiring inside the box to do this. As long as I make sure every wire is sufficiently insulated so nothing shorts out, are there any safety concerns with making this change inside the box? Thanks!

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No concerns at all. This is a very common thing to change.

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No issue at all, and if any wires are shorter than needed you can extend them with pigtails.

Pigtails do not count in box fill, but that does not mean they may not make the box harder to work in or a tight fit.

Most of the time the pigtails are held as short as possible to avoid crowding the box and use the smallest wire nuts allowed for the wire size.

It can get to be a real problem to push everything into the box sometimes, especially if there are any dimmers present.

Dimmers while much larger than snap switches, still incur the same volume limit in boxes.

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