How can I allow window light but block out spying eyes?!

theresseMarch 1, 2010

Hahaha I sound paranoid but actually I have an oddball next door who peeks behind curtains and then when I look up e.g. while doing the dishes she quickly moves the curtain back. Even though I know her and she's harmless, it feels intrusive cause she happens to be rather rude and petty, so I'm not feeling very "open" to being watched by her! Example of petty: my 2 year old running in sprinkler on hot summer day in front yard, with supervision, on quiet street and the woman more or less yelled at me for letting him be exposed or expose himself (can't remember which but either way is nuts). She didn't suggest but actually barked at me and that's how it goes most of the time. Ick.

Also their house is unattractive and feels very tall, looming over our North-facing kitchen windows so I see no point to have to see anything out there beyond wanting no daylight lost.

Is there some sort of window I can buy that will be appropriate for a 1913 home (and nice -not a quick spray-on type of job) that would block out details but not light? Or, is there a DIY option that is attractive/classy looking? I'd get one of those shades that can come up from the bottom or down from the top but then I'd lose the light in the day.

Thank you!

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Hi, Try this link:

or look up window film on the net. Hope this helps

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Thank you summerblue! I think I"m going to try something more permanent (not a film) but if I end up not being able to afford something more permanent, the film is a nice option!

Here are a couple of other sites I found from googling, as well:

If anyone else has any ideas, please do share! Thanks!

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I might suggest a wooden shutter that you could keep the bottom closed in our bathroom I usually keep the top completely open and the bottom closed or almost closed so that we get all the light at the top and partial light from the bottom and complete privacy. Or you could put up a heavy sheer that lets in all light but she would only be able to see image at night if your lights were on. Another idea is to call a glass company and have them etch the glass or replace your glass with etched glass.

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