Provia French door? Therma-Tru? or ????

PekeMarch 31, 2013

I have been reading for hours about French doors and I need it all boiled down to 3 choices if anyone can help me.

I live in southeastern Oklahoma. 2 hours from OK/TX border.
Things I know I want: tempered glass, low-E, full view glass,

The French doors will be on the SW side of the house. Lots of sun. The eaves hang over about 18-20". When we step out of the French door there will be a 12-15" drop off to a concrete deck about 4-5' wide. We are thinking we do not want the doors to open outside since it is a walkway to the rest of the deck/patio.

What U Factor and SHGC should I be looking for?
Fiberglass door? Wood door?

We have not chosen windows yet so I do not know what kind of windows we will choose. That will be another post! I have pictures posted on another post. I will try to figure out how to link to it. If it does not work it is titled "Need help with French doors or windows".

Thank you for any advice you have. I have got to order doors and is driving me crazy. Peke

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Read the other answer i just gave, same deal.

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