Are 6 LED lights (65W equivalent) enough for 210 sq ft?

janesylviaJanuary 19, 2013

I have small living room and family room. About 210 sq ft for each room. Would 6 LED lights (65W equivalent, 640 lumens for Halo or 600 lumen for Lithonia Lighting) in each room be enough?

I'd like to have 2 dimmers installed in each room, 1 dimmer controlling 3 lights. Is Lutron dimmer for LED good?

Thank you very much.

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Depends on the shape. 210ft is an area, the shape is just as important.
On a purely basic level it should be fine.

Anything from Lutron is good.

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Just like other types of light bulbs, LED lights have their ups and downs. The good part is their lifetime and their energy efficiency, as they last the longest and cost the least; however they are much more expensive to purchase and, honestly, they do not do real well as a flood light compared to others, their best job is as a spot light, just like in a flashlight, however this is just my opinion. I use LED lights for my trouble light and my work bench light, but halogen floods elsewhere. But this is in a shop.

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Ron Natalie

Never believe the MYTH of the "equivalent wattage." Look at the lumens out or try the bulb in a fixture to see how it works for you. While some of the early R30 replacements were about HALF as bright as the "equivalent" incandescent, the newer ones I have (Lowe's Utilitech brand) fair better. Don't get me started on the Lowe's "fake" brands. Those are all over the place as well. I got a whole tray of bad 9V batteries from them.

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Thank you very much for all the responses. It's about 13'x16' space, 8' high ceiling.

Would 6 LED lights (2 rows, each 620 lumens) be enough or better go for 9 lights (3 rows)? For 6 LEDs? I am going to have two CL dimmers, each controlling 3 lights.

Thank you very much.

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