Anderson 400 vs. anderson 200

yaya62March 16, 2009

I am trying to find out what makes the anderson 400 so much more expensive than the 200. Is it just - more choices or are there structural differences. I would prefer to go with the lease expensive as long as not sacrificing quality. Any thoughts anyone. Thanks

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I look at the 200 series as just older designs/technology. I think the specific difference vary by window type/model. What specific windows are you comparing?

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I am looking at the double hung tilt window. Exterior white and interior pre-finished white (not vinyl) w/ Low E glass. Colonial grills. Nothing extraordinary. Basic look to the window in standard size approximately 35" wide and 5'6". Thanks for your thoughts

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200 series tilt were designed to compete with the vinyl market, that's why the limited sizes. It is a good window if installed correctly. Personally I'd go with the 400's, they just seem to seal better.

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I assume you have an Andersen product guide and have looked in there for info' on the tilt-wash windows. Fibrex sills vs. PVC covered wood; fancier weather stripping; Low-E4 (0.32 U-Factor) vs. regular (0.47 U-Factor) glass - from the 2008 book - but maybe things have changed for 2009?

I don't have much more to offer - I have an older, 200 series and just installed a newer, 400 series awning window and then seem to be pretty much the same except for the glass.

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The Anderson 400 series are clear Ponderosa pine interiors
and have their high performance glass while the 200 series has just low e glass and the interior is painted white wood.
That is, its' probably fingerjointwood. The paint conceals the the Finger Joint.

The porchguy

Here is a link that might be useful: My Album

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