Do I need replacement windows or New construction

mamadesMarch 16, 2011

Spouse says we need new windows, as some of the window seals are broken and windows are cloudy. House is 25 yrs old and due to delayed add of gutters for first 10 years, our window sils have rotted and need to be replaced. We were thinking that meant new construction but we just got an estimate to power wash our house from a local painter/contractor who added to his estimate- replacing the sils, and repainting them for what appears to be a reasonable $800.00 for 12 windows and two door frames. If we have the sils replaced- does it seem more reasonable then to put replacement windows in vs. new construction? so far we had just one window company out for an estimate and their price was quite high. We hope to sell the house wihin 5 years but still want to purchase a good quality product.

Appreciate any advive. Thanx

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You can replace just the glass with new integrated glass units from your local glass supplier. Measure your existing ICUs carefully and the new ones will fit like a glove.

You can repair and paint the sills.

I'm not that sure about power washing. I think a scraper to remove the loose paint, a little sanding and new paint are more like it.

In any event, you use replacement windows to replace windows, not windows designed for new construction. You would have to remove the siding to install them properly.

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When I replaced my windows I bondo-d some of the sills. For others that were in really bad shape I had the contractor put in new sills when they installed the "insert" windows.

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