Marvin's Integrity or Weathersheild's Fiberglass

mbwaldropMarch 18, 2010

OK, which one, I cannot choose. I really like the fiberglass over the aluminum for strength. (as they use the fiberglass thresh hold for the aluminum clad doors) Which company would you recommend? Marvin does not offer the spacer bar inside the glass panes, Weathersheild does. Marvin WAY out scores Weathersheild in the Consumer Reports on blowing wind and wind driven rain. I like the look of them both, but am I going to wish I had the spacerbar or not, or am I going to wish I the better performance window? Help me please!!!

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Personally I would not touch anything with a Weathershield sticker on it, read the forums here, check out Weathershields rep on here and just google it and complaints along with it.

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I have the marvin integrity- we live right by the factory that makes them and i have relatives that work there, so it was an obvious choice. ours are about 7 years old now and we are putting an addition on our house but this time we are choosing vinyl. The integritys are definitely nice looking windows but we have had issues with mold, and the guy at the lumberyard admitted that it has been an issue with these windows. We have had to sand it off and revarnish them twice now because of it. It is not horrible or super noticeable, but we are tired of dealing with it and are switching. That is not to say you are going to have that issue, and they are a very reputable company and give back very generously to their employees and community which is awesome.

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