mosaic pot

trancegemini_waJuly 11, 2008

hi, I recently started mosaics and also found this forum. I just wanted to share one of my first projects with you all.

Im sure I'll learn a lot here and am already enjoying the photos of other people's projects

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Very nice!!

I'm telling on myself,but it reminds me of those old speckled floors that used to be popular ( back in the stone age)

Or maybe confetti...very pretty and a great first project!!

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your pot looks really great for a first project, very neat, and that table that it is setting on would be great for a mosaic project :-)
i still have those floors!! just joshing :-)

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Very pretty! It's got such a happy, party feel to it!
Great job....thanks for joining in and sharing this!

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thanks so much!

shrty I know the flooring you mean, it actually made a come back here in oz about 5 years ago! LOL, I guess everything comes back in fashion eventually :)

louisianna, funny you should mention that table, I picked that up at a recycling centre and just painted it white, but it definitely needs *something* LOL, it might end up being a mosaic project one day!

thanks cindi, it is pretty bright and festive and it does feel good to have it finished. I'm still learning the basics but the more Ive looked through pages here at all the photos, the more I want to learn and try!

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Hey, TRANCE! Glad you've joined us. That's a Darlin' pot - so ssswwwweeeet - very good job of mosaicing. That table would be a terrific subject to mosaic. You could just mosaic the top, and paint the legs in rounds of different colors, or just one wild color. What's next???

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Welcome Trance,I LOVE your first pot. Very good work. those cuts and grout work makes me think you're going to be a great mosaicer.

have fun and show pix

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hi slowmedown and thanks :) my next project is a round mirror Ive just started on and that one Im just going around with the little square glass tiles so nothing too outrageous yet, but I like how it's coming together.

hi mermaid and thanks for the welcome, I've been looking at the turtle you're working on and wow, that is going to look so amazing!

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WELCOME HERE TRANCEGEMINI!!!! This pot is so perfectly done, sheesh, I am so much sloppier!!! We like WIP Pics...(that's work in progress pics!) A round mirror! What diameter? Lets see these green tiles girlie!!! Jane

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Trance, your pot is so pretty. I was thinking the same as cindilou, it is so happy looking. Great job!!!


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thanks scootsmom, and thanks for the comments. wow everyone is so encouraging!

calamity, no I can't believe youre sloppy, no way! The mirror is about 35cm across including the surround so lets see that would be about 14" according to my tape measure. but...but... how did you know the tiles where green?? I can't see where I said that so Im thinking you must have some kind of mosaic telepathy!! because they are green!

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Great job on your first pot.Great colors too!

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What a great first project! I love it too! You have a good eye for color and placement I think. You're going to have SUCH a good time with mosaicing! WELCOME!

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Very prettY!

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Nice work. Spacing, grout work, colors. You have all the syptoms of being addicted to this craft!
We do like lots of WIP pictures!
Green tiles? I love green.

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oh I introduced myself and then disappeared, thanks crackpotannie, daisyme, stjohn and texasfern! Im still working on this pot because it fits perfectly in a pot holder I bought but there was no "lip" to hold it so Im doing the top as well now. Im so glad to see all the new posts of projects going on! lots to catch up on!

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