When do you start decorating for fall?

ideamomAugust 14, 2008

Last year I decorated for fall about mid September but now wondering if that was too early. When do you decorate for fall? I don't decorate for Halloween just keep everything fall themed, fall colors so it stays up till I decorate for Christmas.

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Fall is the most gorgeous time of the year out here in New Mexico, but it doesn't really start "showing" until late September. Albuquerque hosts the annual (HUGE!) International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta every year starting the first weekend in October and Santa Fe has it's "Burning of Zozobra (Old Man Gloom)" and their fiesta. We usually have out of state company in for at least one of those events, so I change out my decorations right before my company arrives.

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I don't really do this, as my colors are pretty much browns and oranges anyway. I buy seasonal flowers and fruits, but I'm not one for dried leaves, etc. When my kids were little, I did more of this, but thank heavens, they're too old for it now.

In Southern California, Sept. is hot and I'm more likely to think about going to the beach than fall foliage.

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Hot here too - through September and on into October. I usually do some fall decorations (pumpkins, cornstalks, pansies, etc., etc., etc.) in mid to late October. They'll take me through Thanksgiving and I put up Christmas stuff soon after that. I don't decorate for Halloween either, just the fall stuff.


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I usually wait until late Sept or early October. We just have lots of fake leaves, resin pumpkins and scarecrow things so I think you can start in Sept with those. Fall is my favorite season!!!

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We have a pole barn with a firepit up at the edge of the woods, and that's where I do ALL the fall decorating. We have pumpkins, baskets of mums, cornstalks, bales of hay and pinestraw, etc. I have a great time doing it and we have a big hoedown for the neighbourhood in October or early November. I don't do anything in the house except put a few fall baskets of mums out on the screened porch.

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We don't have fall, but I start in early October and do put out some Halloween stuff with fall. After Halloween I take that stuff out and leave the fall until I put out Christmas.

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kswl that sounds like so much fun! Maybe you can post pics of how you decorate your pole barn. We have a small garage at the back of the lot, maybe the outside decorations would work there! hmmm.

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I just bought some fall decorations today :) It's my favorite time of the year but it's still hot and summer like here in East Texas till mid Oct. I'll wait till then.\

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Sitting on my hands anxiously awaiting "fall" decorating. Living in the mid-Atlantic, fall is beautiful here and my favorite time of year. I change out my candles to fall color (cinnamon color last fall, still debating on this year). I change my D/R china closet and display my mother's wedding china pattern "Autumn" which has beautiful fall leaves on the rim. Unfortunately so many pieces have been broken over the 50 plus years. I have tried to replace as Replacements, Ltd. has pieces available, but replacement pieces are few and far between.

Last year the outside fall wreaths went up the Tuesday after Labor Day! So for me, the fun begins at the close of Labor Day and stays until the day after Thanksgiving.

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I will post photos, cooperbailey :)

Your garage building sounds like the perfect place for this kind of decorating. I think that having it all more or less in one place makes more of an impact, and fall naturally lends itself to that type of outdoor theme decorating. Our last house had a good-sized folly in the middle of the garden (a gazebo-like structure) and we used to decorate it for Christmas like a gingerbread cottage with coloured lights in swags, giant lollipops "growing" all around it, two lit toy soldiers standing guard at the entrance, etc. Lots of family members took their family Christmas photos in front of it. I'll bet you could do the same with your garage.

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"Fall decorating"? People actually do that? I can't say that I've ever known anyone that decorates season-specific. Holidays are another story. But not seasons. Seems silly to me- jmho.

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work-in-progress, have you ever considered buying your replacemen pieces on ebay? It's very hit and miss when you're looking for a specific pattern. I never thought of using different china for fall. Good idea.

I work at a school so am super busy during September. I live in a rural area and a lot of people make scarecrows or set pumpkins on bales of hay. I haven't done that yet although I know where theres a pair of old denim overalls that I could stuff (but don't have the rest of the body. My only fall decoration for the last few years has been a goodie, tho!

I take a string of red christmas lights and also a string of orange lights (which they sell at Target around Halloween) and bunch them up on the ground. Then I take nice sturdy sticks and prop them up teepee style over the lights. This takes a few tries as it is like a house of cards and tips over. But when it is sturdy I plug in the lights and instant campfire!

Funny thing is, it stays for the winter without tipping over. The first time I did it I was waiting for it to tip over and it didn't. Once in a while I'll prop up a few sticks that have fallen but it holds up well. I am in Minnesota and we do get wind, etc. I keep it up through the snow also. This year I'll be able to take a picture because I've learned how to use the twilight setting on my digital camera.

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I am so ready to decorate for fall. In fact, I have been looking through some of my things and have gotten new candles, throw, etc. To me, when school starts, it is fall....and it has started. But will probably wait until Labor Day before I put things up. I love the fall colors and anxious to put away the "summer colors". I used to decorate for every season and holiday....but older now, and that has gone by the way-side....even decided to put my Christmas bedspread, etc. on my up-coming garage sale...the kids have all gone from home and the little grandkids are growing up, so not nearly as much fun doing that anymore.

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It stays hot here in Alabama until around the middle of September. So, I start to decorate for Halloween the first day of October.

I do wish we had trick or treators, I love to hand out candy. But I never get a single kid. When I was a kid I would beg until I had three bags of candy. But things have changed, sad, huh?

I always plant panies and cabbage plants in containers for the fall.


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Fall is just too short here... today it's 70 degrees, by this time next month, it'll be 35 degrees (highs, we've already gotten lows in the 30s) and by Oct 1 the whole place will be covered with snow. Heck, it usually freezes so fast the grass never has a chance to turn brown, LOL.


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Miles--you have so much to learn! Wait til we start posting about decorating our pets for holidays. Or how our pets decorate.

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Holiday decorating I can (and do) get into. Especially Halloween because we throw THE party to go to. This years' theme is Death Row- A Once In A Lifetime Experience.
But I guess since we don't really have seasons in Bakersfield there isn't much point in trying to mimick them inside.

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ronniroo. . .where in the world do you live? The North Pole? :)

We are in FL and it never gets cool, but I still love Fall. I decorate as soon as I can. . .early September. It makes me FEEL cool!

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I starting doing Fall towards the end of Sept..We decorate the Red/Barn Shed, and 'do it up' with corn stalks and pumpkins. On the hill overlooking our property, we set out a Scarecrow and Pumpkins. On the porch...lots of pumpkins and a fall wreath on the door. By the front door some bushels with fall flowers..Inside, lots of fall settings on entry hall table and the mantel set up with fall decor. That brings us thru to Thanksgiving. For Halloween..I have some vintage decorations that I set up on a small hutch.
Two yrs ago we hosted a party for friends and neighbors and their kids. We turned the Barn into a 'Haunted House' for the kids... Everyone brought a Decorated Pumpkin and we voted, for prizes, in different categories...Real fun...everyone went home w/a prize. Also Tractor Rides and Roasting marshmallows on an outdoor firepit. I think the adults enjoyed it as much as the kids..especially winning prizes..

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I love Fall here in New England. Decorate with mums and pumpkins.

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nessie - I've never used ebay. I am not the biggiest techie on the block, so I have no idea how to do it. I have just recently started searching on the local CL for an antique vanity for my DD's newly decorated BR. The thing that drew me to search CL was the fact that things are local and most times you can see before you buy. I know lots of people who sell and buy great items on e-bay, but I've just never done it. I'll check it out since I would love to replace all missing pieces. It is a german pattern that my father sent when he was overseas during their engagement. Funny, my mom never got to chose her own wedding china?? I can't remember her using it very much growing up. My mom gave it to me quite a few years ago, and I love it for fall entertaining/decorating.

miles - I don't decorate for spring, which may seem odd since I get so excited about fall? Maybe its regional, but everyone in our geographical area decorates for fall, or at the very least, Halloween (which I really no longer decorate for since DD will soon be 18, she's too cool for Halloween decs). LOL

Sounds like you host a very cool party. I've always wanted to host one for DD's b-day, since DD was born 2 days before Halloween, but we've just never done it. It sounds as if your event is very well thought out and executed, with loads of planning and decorating? You've now given me food for thought for her 18th birthday! Thank you.

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I only change my throw blanket and a few pillows in the living room. I normally do that in late September. I change out the lighter colors for deeper jewel tones.

I went to a store earlier this week and they had ALL the Christmas stuff set up. Rows and rows and rows of it. Maybe we should all start forgetting about seasons and just have Christmas four times a year? Ridiculous!

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I don't do a lot for fall-- add some mums to the front porch, a wreath on the door, a few scattered pumpkins (I have them growing in my flower beds thanks to the squirrels and birds-- but I've let them go).

I start adding fall decorations when I first start "smelling" and "feeling" fall in the air. I love fall--so I am always excited when I sense the season change. This is often mid September.

This is also start making pots of soup and batches of pumpkin and banana breads. Not "decor" but I love the smells in my house and they sure add to the sense of "home".

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Although I don't go as far as hay bales and pumpkins (which would bring the jackrabbits and packrats right up to my front door for their buffets!) I do like to bring the new seasons inside to enjoy a bit more. I like a Fall wreath on my front door and a cornicopia that I made a few years ago, on my coffee table.

Since I can't put real pumpkins outside, or in my family room (because my dobie will eat them), I made these to use on my dining room table . . . but not until October. Like most of the posters here, I also like to change out the small thinks like candles, throws and throw pillow covers to ones with more jewel\-like colors. With DD just 14 y/o, she still likes us to decorate for Halloween, although I'm doing less and less each year. I prefer to keep a few Autumn things up from October through Thanksgiving instead. Lynn
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cornucopia . . . I just shouldn't type without looking!

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Haha! No, I don't live at THE north pole, but I do live in North Pole, Alaska, so you were pretty close, LOL! We will do decorations for Halloween- at least a few frozen pumpkins on the porch.

Lynn, that cornucopia is gorgeous! I should make one for Thanksgiving table decoration.


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I too decorate for Fall around when the kids go back to school which in our neighborhood is right after Labor Day. This yr. though it will be a tad later as baby #3 comes out 9/4. But I will decorate as soon as I am home from from the hospital mark my words!

I don't do much for Fall inside, although 1 yr. (& I may do so again this yr.) I hung quite a few silk garlands of Fall leaves around the top of our stained glass window in our staircase landing & tacked it to the ceiling too. It was like standing under a canopy of trees. It looked really cool. I put some of the same garland on the mantle or sprinkle preserved Fall leaves on it. I break out my Amber glassware & dishes. Every once in awhile I splurge & order orange or brown roses for my bedroom since we have a florist in the family.

Outside I hang a large grapevine wreath wrapped in lots of the same silk leaf garland on the front door. I use a wide orange silk ribbon. I hang more of the garland around the door w/ a strand of white lights mixed in. I put candles in old mason jars out on the porch steamer trunk & bench table as well as down the steps w/ a few mums.

Last yr. the kids got a hay bale for the porch & this yr. they want corn stalks too. I will accomodate their wishes (to my delight) by wrapping all 6 of our 8 porch columns w/ the stalks (if the $ is right that is).

Last yr. our 4yr. old son planted some orange pansies that the nice lady at the greenhouse gave him in old watering cans for the front porch.

We used to go all out for Halloween outside but our stuff kept getting stolen so we stopped until we move. It was a real shame because we live by an elementary school & the kids would just go nuts w/ delight when they walked home from school. Hopefully we have better luck then!

Fall - my very favorite season!

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I can't wait for fall I love to decorate for fall because where I live that means cooler wheather is coming!!!!

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and because fall means that cooler weather is coming, I try and drag summer out as long as possible.

No fall decorations at our house. I put the perennial gardens to bed at the last possible minute, usually end of October/early November and then it's right into Christmas!

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Because it has been so cool the last couple weeks in TN, our leaves are already starting to change on the maples and pears. Makes me feel like we had a real short summer. :(

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newhomebuilder. . .that is good news to me! I get to "visit" our house in TN the first week of Oct. Maybe there will be some color after all. When I was small (long ago) we lived in Ohio and there was one maple on the corner that began to change right after school started. So pretty. That was always after labor day back then.

I wish this FL property would sell. :(

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