USB plug and 3 pin plug help needed to connect the wires

spidercoolJanuary 24, 2014

So im working on a project, to make an iphone 5 charger without the usb plug.

I dismantled the usb plug and found out that there's 4 different wires namely, d+, d-, v and GND
I also dismantled the 3pin plug for iphone charger and found out there's 2 wires namely the live and neutral wire

So i have a question how do i connect the wires to make the charger work without using the usb port?

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Ron Natalie

I'm not sure I understand what you a re doing. Live and NEUTRAL want to be nowhere NEAR the USB cable wiring. The iPhone charger (the block part that plugs into the wall) isn't just a plug, it's a small DC power supply that provides 5V at about an amp.

The wiring on the iPhone end of the cable puts the ground on the first pin (far right if you are holding it with the wider side of the plug DOWN) and +5V on the next one.

On the end that plugs into the power supply (the larger end of the cable), holding the plug with the USB logo up, the ground is the far left contact, the +5V goes on the far right.

Most cables use BLACK for ground, RED for +5V, and white and green for the differential data line.

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basically what i need to do is to remove the usb port from the lightning cable and connect it straight to the apple 3 pin plug. so i was wondering how can i connect the wires to make it work. is it possible to do it?

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Ron Natalie

On the lighting connector pin 1 is ground, pin 5 is power (if you're looking at the end of the plug with the contacts up, pin 1 is on the right).

As stated the "plug" end of the cord is a standard USB cable as described above.

What "three pin" plug. Every iPhone charge I've ever seen is a two bladed plug with a USB "A" plug. The only three pin one I've seen is the brittish one and it has a completely plastic (non-conductive) blade for the ground pin.

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It amazes me how some folks want to re-invent the wheel.

All you did was ruin a $20 Lightning cable. WHY in the world would you want it hard wired to a brick??? The modular USB concept is the best part about modern day chargers.

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Here you go, for $9 you can have it all.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chargers

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All you want is to not have to use the apple wall plug and still have fast charging? Your question could be clearer.

Your best bet is as above it.

If you want to mod the cable thats a little different.

I was looking into making a hub useable for fast charging and data transfer at the same time. I found it to be complicated by apple. They add ressistors to there plug lines to disallow fast charging from some devices. The resistor can vary from iphone models.
I was looking at the time the 4 was the thing so maybe things have changed.

There was a company that would sell the mod parts but I forget the name. For some reason I think they could not sell completed units... legalese crap.

In the end I never made the time to do the mod. Just use the wall plugs.

You make me wonder if fast charging will work in the hard wired wall usb outlets I bought... never though to check. I never had an issue other than hubs.

You may be better served asking at a place like XDAdevelopers.


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